Parqel simplifies mail forwarding

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Living or temporarily working in another country are no longer barriers to shopping and getting mail and packages from international retailers delivered to your doorstep. U.S. third-party shipping suppliers have eliminated the obstacles, making a global lifestyle exceptionally convenient.

All across the globe, individuals, as well as businesses, can shop online at retail outlets in the U.S. without having to break the bank to cover the cost of shipping to overseas destinations.

Mail forwarding service

At Parqel, a leader in logistics solutions and 3rd-party shipping, mail forwarding is a primary service that is popular with customers.

Signing up for the mail forwarding service at Parqel, which is owned by Viofree Inc., is simple. Just visit the company’s website at and create your account.

The company, like other mail and package forwarding providers, such as Borderlinx, Stackry, and MyUs, will assign you a U.S. mailing address. The address is for you to direct any packages or correspondences you want to be forwarded. Once your packages or mail are delivered to Parqel, they get forwarded to you based on their preferences.

“Our overseas customers are some of the biggest fans of this service,” Parqel points out on its website at “Because of restrictions on some online shopping sites, they may not be able to have their orders shipped directly to them. With our service, they find that they have almost unlimited freedom to a huge array of products as well as great values.”

Service costs

The amount customers pay to get mail forwarding services differs among providers. At Parqel, there are no long-term contracts for service plans.

Customers pay a monthly service fee and can cancel anytime. And there are no restrictions on how you use this address as long as the use does not violate any regulations established by United States Postal Service (USPS) or associated carriers.

At Parqel plans start at $19.95 a month and can be customized to accommodate the needs of each customer.

On the other hand, at Stackry, customers who sign up for the package forwarding service save on monthly and membership fees. But customers face other costs. They include:

  •  Storage fee after 45 days – 8 cents per day per pound past 45 days
  • Consolidation fee – $2 a package
  • Repacking fee – $5 a package
  • Hazmat processing fee – $12.50 per Hazmat type
  • Editing commercial invoice fee – $25 per commercial invoice
  • Address correction fee – $5 per incoming package requiring address lookup
  • Package return fee – $7.50 per pre-paid shipping label
  • Personal shopping fee – $10 per online retailer – 8.5% of the purchase value (capped at $100)
  • Special request fee – $4 for the first photo, $1 for each additional photo
  • Shipment value protection – minimum charge of $6, $3 per $100 of the declared value

Stackry also offers to track and relies on FedEx, USPS, DHL Worldwide Express, and Global Mail as its primary carriers.

Customers at Borderlinx rely on the company’s international Total Cost Calculator to get an estimate of the shipping total cost, which includes shipping rates and the customs tax and duties.

The shipping cost, Borderlinx points out, is determined by the actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is the greater. Volumetric weight is the size of the box containing the purchase, not the products inside.

When parcels reach Borderlinx’s international addresses in the UK, Hong Kong, or Germany, the company calculates and provides customers with the final shipping total cost. After paying, customers are forwarded the packages.

At MyUs, customers pay a series of fees for package forwarding services, including registration and membership. Fees include:

  • Registration fee – $10 or $20 or $35, ($35 to receive mail)
  • Membership fee – $7 or $25 a month, ($25 a month for mail)
  • Assisted purchase fee – 6% or 10%, ($10 minimum fee)
  • Duration of free storage – For paid members only 5 or 30 days
  • Storage Fee – $7 per box each week
  • Late fee – $10 + 5%/monthly
  • Inactivity fee – $10
  • Pickup fee – $15 pickup fee
  • Return handling fee – $15 return handling fee
  • Extra name – $20/yearly

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