5 Ways to Give Love and Take Care of Your House Plants

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Every life deserves respect, love, and care. Most people believe that human life is the most sacred. With this belief, humanity has been cruel to non-human living beings, such as animals and plants.  Right now, there are pigs slaughtered, fish getting hooked, cutting of trees, abuse to animals, and environmental destruction. There is cruelty everywhere! Sadly, there are only a few people who feel concerned about these violations.

If you want to change a violent lifestyle, you can reduce your plastic usage, transition to veganism, donate to animal shelters, and take care of indoor plants. All of these activities value life in all beings, from animals to humans. Every life matters, and if you respect all living beings, you’ll feel more connected to the environment around you.

You can practice being more compassionate by growing your plants at home with an indoor gardening kit in Singapore. As you take care of your plants, there are lessons you’ll learn along the way. So, continue reading the article to know how to care for your plants with respect and love.

How-to-Take-Care-of-Your-Plants-at-Home How to Take Care of Your Plants at Home

Taking care of plants is more successful if you do it with genuine love and care. People who respect the environment are aware that humans, animals and plants are all equal. However, Corporations and the government have taught people that it’s okay to abuse, kill, or take advantage of animals because they are lower beings.

On the contrary, every living being deserves care and affection because they also have emotions. As you can see, humans are too self-centred, but, in reality, we also have to live with other beings.

Hence, let this section guide you on co-existing with plants by taking care of them with an indoor gardening kit and urban farming kit in Singapore.

Water-Your-Plants1) Water Your Plants — In The Right Amount

Every plant has different water requirements. Some need water every day, while others need it every other day. To give to your plants, you should know the right amount of their water needs. This way, you can give them the proper hydration. You can use an indoor gardening kit like a watering pot to measure the right amount of water you’ll be feeding to your plants.

As mentioned above, you have to give love to your plants. And if you genuinely care about the well-being of your indoor plants, you’ll research their daily needs. It also shows that you respect the environment. Otherwise, your house plants will die from neglect and improper watering measurements.

In conclusion, avoid over moisturising and drying, so your plants will live longer. The genuine love you give will help your plants grow.

2) Use Healthy Soil

Plants also need healthy soil; it’s where their seeds and roots grow. Hence, it’s better to know if the ground is appropriate for your plants. You can buy a potting mix in Singapore that can help the growth of your plants. If you plant it in unhealthy soil, the seeds will not germinate, which means you won’t see plants growing out of the ground.

To check if the potting mix is healthy, you’ll see animal-like fungi activity and spread-out plant roots. Organic soil also tends to be darker. With these characteristics, you can ensure that the plant will grow with healthy soil. It also shows your love because you put any effort into finding a good ground for your plants.

So, remember to find a healthy potting mix before planting or putting a seed into the soil. This way, you won’t waste time waiting for the plant to grow.

3) Avoid Houseplant Pests

Another way to give love to your plants is to avoid pests. Indeed, every life is valuable, even the pests. Not to sound hypocritical, but there is a difference between self-preservation and respecting all living things. As long as the nuisance pests do not harm you, you don’t have the right to kill them. But, if they hurt you, it’s your right to defend yourself.

That’s why you should avoid pests as much as you can to avoid harming them. You can use an indoor gardening kit or urban farming kit to administer your anti-pest activities. You can also buy some sprays and neem oil for plants in Singapore that protect your plants from pest invasion.

Lastly, don’t forget to protect your plants from invasive species. This way, it shows how you pour love into your plants.

4) Clean the Plants

Plants can get dirty too! Hence, it’s helpful if you have a daily cleaning schedule. In doing so, you can take off some dust and other particles. You can use an indoor gardening kit or urban farming kit for the cleaning process of your plants. Another way is to shower your plants with room temperature water to wash off some dirt.

You can also use towels to wipe smooth plants to clean off some dirt. You can also find some grow your own plant kit in Singapore, including cleaning material for your plants. If you regularly clean your plants, it shows how you respect nature. It is because you prioritise their life by cleaning and preserving them.

5) Watch Out for House Plants Disease

Just like humans, plants can also get diseases. To avoid this, make sure your plants are healthy with fertiliser, healthy soils, the right amount of water, sunlight, and neem oil for plants. You should also use an indoor gardening and urban farming kit to use the appropriate equipment for your plants. However, if the worst thing happens, you should know how to protect your plants.

To avoid spreading the disease, you should cut off the stems or leaves to save the whole plant. Hence, don’t forget to check on your plants every day to see their health status. See, they are like human beings that need nutrition to survive.

Give love to all living beings by using an indoor gardening kit and urban farming kit from Farmcity. So, practice your gardening skills by visiting their website to purchase neem oil for plants and potting mix.


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