7 Ways to Attain Speedy Delivery Service in Singapore

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Have you ever received your order from an online store days or weeks late from the expected date? The first step you’ll take is to contact the seller and ask why your order has been delayed. Since you’re already frustrated with the customer service, you’ll give the store a poor review or 1 out of 5 stars. Of course, other buyers will see this and perhaps change their minds about buying from the said store. Eventually, the store will lose customers and financial revenue. See, the frustration of one customer can lead to business failure. Your top priority is to ensure exceptional customer service and a fast parcel delivery service in Singapore.

But, how can you do it? How can your business provide a fast and efficient service if many things may hinder the delivery process? For instance, there are problems with traffic, the unpredictable weather or human mistakes. Although these problems are uncontrollable, there are still ways to ensure that you’ll give a satisfactory delivery service. Here’s how you can do it:

How to Attain Speedy Delivery Service

Modern customers value speedy delivery nowadays. Gone are the days when people had to wait for months to get their orders from international locations. Now, you can get it within days or weeks. After all, there are many means of transportation, including air, sea, and land freight. It would be better to know the helpful ways you can do to ensure your delivery service in Singapore can sustain the demands of your customers. This way, you can achieve business success and reach more of your goals.

1) Select Effective Routes

If you want to attain a speedy delivery service, you have to find the most effective routes for your couriers. Since you don’t know where your customers are living, make sure you can offer ways to reach their orders to their place. Some may live in another country or city, so select the most effective routes and maximise your freight resources. Contact professionals in the freight industry to offer you land, air, and sea transportation.

This way, you can ensure that the courier service in Singapore will satisfy the needs of your possible customers. And with this established process, you can proceed to ship the orders right away and prevent delaying it for days.

2) Have an Organised Stockroom

Another way to ensure a fast delivery service is to have an organised stockroom. It would be best to label the orders properly to identify where you will deliver them. You can include the delivery address, personal request, and customer details on the label. This way, you won’t mix and match the orders that would confuse your customers. Otherwise, the customers will be frustrated and might not buy from your store again.

To organise your storeroom, give enough space to place your order pile. Also, arrange the storage room weekly to have an update on your inventory.

3) Improve Internal Communication Among Employees

Another thing to improve is the internal communication among your employees. There must be seamless communication from you to the staff through perhaps a social media app or a direct face to face interaction. In doing so, you can inform everyone in the team about the current progress of the order. They will be notified if their orders are already delivered or if the order is still in your stockroom.

If you want to maintain a good pick up and delivery service in Singapore, inform your employees about how to communicate with one another effectively. This way, you’ll also avoid conflicts and misunderstandings within the team.

4) Use Real-Time Delivery Tracker

To ease your customers’ worries, you can also provide a real-time delivery tracker to give them updates about the current status of their orders. Now, look for an app that can offer updates to your customers. If you’re using Shopee or Lazada for your online stores, you won’t have to worry about it because the app has an order tracking system.

However, if you have an independent store, you need to look for an app that can track the status of the products for the delivery service in Singapore.The information should include the time, location, and date of their orders in the tracker.

5) Contact Shipping Agents Internationally

If you’re shipping products abroad, you can also contact shipping agents in the international place to have easy access to the borders. It will hassle you if you get stopped in the middle of the transit. The customers will be frustrated and might ask for a refund. To avoid this, contact shipping agents or freight companies and let them help you arrange the papers regarding the delivery service.

Some companies can also assist you with a courier service that will transport the product once it arrives in the country. With this, you can ensure that the order will arrive on time on your customer’s doorstep.

6) Communicate with the Driver

Of course, you also need to communicate with the driver to ask for an update on the delivery. Remember, there are many reasons why delays are possible while on the road. It may be unpredictable weather, unforeseen traffic routes, and broken vehicles. For this reason, the driver should update you when something happens while on the road. With this, you can inform the customers right away.

Customers will probably appreciate it more if you inform them in advance because it shows that you prioritise their orders. It will not affect the reputation of your parcel delivery service as long as the reason is acceptable.

7) Plan Ahead for Holiday Seasons

Businesses would be busy during the holiday season because many customers will do their shopping. To inform your customers ahead of time, they should reserve their orders days or weeks in advance. Also, plan for your delivery service, meaning you need to hire more people who can help you pack orders to sustain the demand of your customers. In doing so, you can maintain good customer service despite the busy season.



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