Do You Want to Keep All Your Plier Set in an Organized Manner? A Few Tips

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People have been using pliers as their important tool for many years. You can find this tool in the toolkits of plumbers, technicians, electricians, jewelry artisans, or anyone who is engaged in any kind of DIY repair work at home.

However, any good users of such tools will prefer to keep them in a very organized manner so that they can again be easily found in their place when you need them again. You can find many different varieties of Pliers Rack available with Plyworx that can help you to keep your pliers properly stacked in an organized manner.

Here are a few tips for storing all your pliers that are available in your toolkit whether you are a professional or a DIYer.

  • If you store your pliers properly after their use, so that you can easily locate them when needed next, then half the battle is won.
  • Also, it is important to keep them clean and rust-free so that they remain in working order.
  • Always store all your tools in a certain cool and dry location.
  • Often people use their basement or garages as their home workshops, but such spaces may be humid and not temperature regulated. Prefer to have a proper toolbox for storing your entire tools.


To keep your tools organized, toolboxes are tried and tested methods where all your tools are stored according to size, volume, and depth. They can be a little larger and bulkier if you have got a large number of tools.

Any moderately sized toolbox is available in any hardware store in your city and they will cost around $40 to $50. If you have tools then you must store your entire hand tools, in one box and store them based on their specialty, for example, wrenches and utility pliers must be together, etc.

Types of storage:

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The following are a few different types of storage arrangements for keeping your pliers organized.

1.    Plier rack

There are few special types of racks available for storing different types of pliers in an organized manner. When you hang it on any wall, all pliers will rest upright within the rack having a wide bottom for accommodating pliers’ handles. You can also place it within a drawer, and all pliers will rest horizontally.

Although such racks are not a very special item however may not be available in every hardware store. You may need to search for such a type of hardware store.

2.    Pegboard

You can see such pegboards in many home workshops because these pegboards are quite easy to organize and also one can access them very easily. You can easily buy such a pegboard and can hang it on the wall near the workbench. You can insert nails within the pegs where you can also hang racks or any individual tools.

However, such a pegboard method has a disadvantage as it is somewhat unstable when you will hang pliers on nails individually. You can therefore purchase or a proper rack and hang or you can store all the pliers together.

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