Hotdesking: pros, cons, and tips

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Alternative working models are the new normal for businesses around the world in the wake of the pandemic. Although hotdesking was growing in popularity beforehand, recent events have skyrocketed its popularity.

This has led many businesses to consider whether they should adopt this way of working. If you’re on the fence about hot desking, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the main pros and cons of hotdesking, and some tips should you implement it.


Here are the main pros of hotdesking.

Cut down on costs

The aim of hot desking is to allow anyone to sit anywhere in an office space. This means less personal clutter, no designated desks, and a less obvious hierarchy in an office. It also offers the potential to reduce your office space if you combine hotdesking with flexible working.

This means you can reduce your overhead costs and run a smaller office space for less. This may free up funds that you can invest into other parts of your business.

More flexibility for staff

If you create a good work-life balance for your team, they will return the favour to you. They will experience less stress and will be better rested, both of which will help them to be more productive. Greater productivity will only be good for your business.


Here are the main cons of hotdesking.

Can impact growth

Having limited office space can be a challenge if you go through a rapid hiring spree. The more people you have, the more desks and space that you’ll need. If you don’t consider this during large recruitment drives, you may run out of space quicker than you find a new one.

Less oversight

With your staff spread in different locations, it can make it harder to track what people are up to and where they are working from. If not managed properly, this can create issues with tracking work and wider projects.


If you choose to implement hotdesking, here are our top tips to help you succeed!

Maintain your facility:

With people coming in and out of your facility, staying on top of cleanliness will be a top priority. This is where the services of a facilities management company can help. They can clean your office space from top to bottom every day in preparation for the next group of your staff to come into work.

Plan when people come into the office:

To make the most of hotdesking, you need to manage when people come into work. For example, if you have four main teams, give them specific days of when they come in to avoid overcrowding and to help them better manage their time. Keep in mind that some employees will need to spend more time in the office than others.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the tips in this guide, you’ll be on the track to successfully start hotdesking with your business.

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