Local SEO or International SEO: What’s The Difference?

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the foundation of every active website. How your website works or how many visitors will the site draw depends on your SEO efforts? How much investment in terms of time, money, and effort is made, or which approach to choose – local or international SEO are some common questions people ask. 

Businesses small or large work with SEO agency professionals for effective digital transformation. Digital marketing agencies have been helping businesses in Singapore gain more profits from their online presence. The local and international approach differs. If you desire to establish locally or tap into the global marketplace then SEO professionals have the solution!

Which SEO Suits Your Business: Local Or International

Local SEO process

The website is optimized for creating brand awareness and generating leads from local searches. It is better for a locally-focused region or town. Small businesses with an aim to target customers in a specific city or location will find local SEO suitable. The results from local SEO are relevant to searchers’ current location.

For increasing the odds of having your website ranking on local searches keyword optimization for the target location is essential. For example, a salon in Connecticut or the best salon in Connecticut is the best example of location-optimized keywords. 

Local SEO tasks

  • Find local keywords
  • Get on Google my business listing
  • On-page optimization
  • Build citations
  • Social media marketing
  • Manage ratings and reviews
  • Consider relevant backlinks

International SEO process

The process involves targeting worldwide consumers via multiple global search engines. Businesses offering their brand to worldwide customers use international SEO. 

Target content towards global consumers using signals like geo-targeting or hreflang tags. Special signals aid search engines and Google to identify for which language or country your website content is suitable. Besides focusing on locations and countries, concentrate on translation as well as currency conversion. 

You must not have copied the version of a website for different countries because of the language difference. Instead, optimize messages for each country’s local audience. Remember, a site that performs well in your country may not do well in other nations. They need extra optimization and content editing. Have a defined layout that explains which pages and content belong to the native language of different countries. 

International SEO tasks

  • Website layout suitable for global SEO strategy
  • Google My Business listing
  • Content optimization
  • Global keywords research
  • Geo-targeting
  • Global link building
  • Technical SEO signals

Local versus international SEO approach

Global SEO means targeting keywords towards global traffic. You are making efforts to draw potential consumers to your site from across the world. With this approach, you are enhancing international sales if the products are made available to people not physically present in the region. There is also an increase in competition because you will have to compete with local businesses in that location. In international SEO, generic words are largely used to drive traffic towards your website. 

Alternatively, in local SEO the competition level is not similar to international SEO. The focus is on limited geographic regions. It means if your physical store is located in a city or town, you can have your business website displayed before customers residing in that specific locality. 

Local SEO uses locally searched keywords for drawing the local traffic towards their site. For local SEO locality, city, contacts, and local language is crucial. 

  • Content needs of local SEO are low as the focus is on a single region.
  • The SEO cost of International SEO is high because various websites need simultaneous managing and optimizing.

In Conclusion

Which strategy is right? The answer depends on business goals and objectives. For s small startup business, keep efforts locally for some time and expand slowly. For a locally established business, it is time to grow via displaying your brand on an international platform. 

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