The Benefits of Joining an Italian Genealogy Group

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Researching your Italian ancestors is an exciting journey that can benefit you. Become part of an Italian Genealogy group to reap the rewards! You’ll discover shared resources, genealogical support, networking opportunities and educational initiatives to help you in your Italian research. Whether you’re interested in sharing your findings, giving a presentation or facilitating a workshop at a general meeting, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

Shared Resources

One of the most valuable benefits that an Italian genealogical group offer is shared resources. As members share their research findings, new records are discovered, and the ancestors’ family trees are expanded. This cooperative research activity not only improves the Group’s resource collection but also clears paths to success for future researchers. Another benefit of joining an Italian genealogical group is access to local records. Especially in the case of groups that concentrate on a specific region or city, access to local records can be crucial for discovering where your ancestors came from. An important first step in Italian genealogy is to determine your ancestors’ town of origin. This will help you narrow your search because nearly all records useful for research were created at the town (commune) or parish (parrocchia) level. Once you know your ancestor’s town of origin, you can then focus on the records created there by your ancestors during their stay in Italy. This can be challenging because most civil records were not digitized or on microfilm, and language may be a barrier to some researchers.

Genealogical Support

When you join an Italian genealogy group, you will have access to many helpful resources to help you in your research. These resources may include a lending library of books, magazines and CDs that you can borrow in person at meetings, mentors who are available to assist you in your research and more. The main benefit of joining an Italian genealogical group is the support that you will receive. These groups are staffed by volunteer mentors and experts who will help you in your research. In addition to these groups’ onsite help, they also host regular meetings where you can meet other members and share your family stories. These meetings are free to attend and are a great way to get the information you need to start your research. The only disadvantage of the groups is that they can be a bit of a time commitment, as many different events occur throughout the year. However, the benefits are well worth it, and you will have the opportunity to meet other people who share your interest in Italian genealogy.

Networking Opportunities

When you join an Italian Genealogy Group, you can meet other people who share a similar interest in Italian history and culture. Some groups offer specialized research assistance, including a mentor or a special lending library. One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a member of an Italian genealogy group is having a dedicated group of people to talk to about your family history and share tips and tricks with you. Some of these people are experts in their own right and can provide a wealth of information, including the best places to look for records, how to search them and which resources you should avoid. In addition to the networking opportunities, many of these groups have fun activities and events for members. These include cemetery crawls, tours and a Christmas luncheon. For the most part, these organizations do not ask for any membership fees or dues. They are all self-supporting, and you can decide how much time and energy you want to devote to the organization.

Educational Opportunities

If you’re interested in pursuing your Italian ancestry, there are many educational opportunities available to you. Some options focus on a particular geographical area or research methodology. In contrast, others offer a broad education that will help you develop your skills and advance your career as a genealogist. Various organizations and professional associations offer genealogy conferences, institutes, classes and webinars that provide a wide range of education for genealogists. These include the National Institute of Genealogy and Historical Preservation, Family Tree University, the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh and the Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research. The Italian Genealogy Group (IGG) is a national organization that promotes the study of family history and helps those of Italian heritage trace their roots in a supportive environment. The IGG hosts meetings, events and a lending library that are free to members. Its mission is to promote the study of all aspects of Italian family history and assist members in their research through various methods. The IGG helps those who are new to genealogy or are stuck with their research and hosts a mentoring program where key members volunteer to serve as mentors for more recent researchers.

Having an open mind about your ancestors’ first and last names can be helpful when searching for information in Italian records. It’s often possible that an ancestor’s name changed after they arrived in the United States. Giuseppe may have become Joe or Joseph; Francesca could have become Frances; and Vincenzo could have become Vinny or Enzo.

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