What are the top growth marketing agencies to look for in 2022?

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Growth marketing is hardly more vibrant than traditional marketing. It focuses on continuous experimentations and trials of new solutions, with the ambitious intent of achieving epic, long-term business growth under a Growth hacking agency.growth marketin

To expedite the improvement of your business, growth marketing agencies take identical advantages, applying bespoke methods to bring only the best outcomes for brands.

Growth marketing:

Growth marketing is traditional marketing, but with the additional coatings of gripping more inventive strategies, such as A/B testing, email marketing campaigns, SEO with data-driven methods under Growth marketing agency.

Therefore, standard growth marketing techniques involve designing and conducting experiments to enhance further and develop business areas to strengthen results and success rate.

So, if you want to work on specific KPIs and objectives, growth marketing is your weapon of choice to achieve these.

  • Growth marketers possess the analytical mind, mapping out ways to improve processes based on data and technical aspects rather than merely leveraging the creative side.
  • As growth marketing easily mistakes similar marketing concepts. It is essential to remember that growth marketers take a more scientific and technical approach to optimize parts of an organization under a Growth marketing agency. SEO and Creatives also optimize copy or user experience through web design.
  • With an enhanced dedication to keep users attentive and engage even more viewers, growth marketing attempts exceed the destined market and reach new dimensions of potential customers.

Growth marketing groups, therefore, usually focus on the following things:

  • Implementing experiments over a larger scale, long-term campaigns
  • Combines creativity with technical expertise
  • Covers the entire customer journey, from awareness and acquisition to revenue and referral
  • Carries out experiments to test hypothesized ways to success


  • Analyzes results and identifies further areas of improvement



Importance of growth marketing:

  • Growth marketing is done with the bespoke application found within growth hacking. It integrates its sharp and speedy nature over a series of efforts, from a business story to its customer base.
  • Growth marketing permits considerable growth and special revenue designation under the Growth hacking agency. The growth machine engine managing for methods extended than growth hacking usually helps, making the concept so important to invest in.
  • A growth marketing agency can convert a business’s services into captivating stories through creative and unusual practices to resonate with your target market.

Growth marketing agency strategies:

  • Data-backed strategies
  • Time-tested tweaks
  • Creative ideas
  • Thorough understanding of product/services
  • Strong storytelling potential



Growth marketing companies may also involve strategies, such as pricing alterations, how they are displayed on the web pages, and experimenting with upselling models and the technical approaches to achieving this.

Therefore, growth marketers will look for ways to match the services to the user’s preferences, observed by critical data, making their experience more enjoyable and enhancing user retention.

Top growth marketing agencies:


Moburst is a mobile growth marketing agency started in 2013. Its user acquisition is achieved by selecting hyper-targeted, remarketing, influencers, and brand engagement campaigns to get the correct meaning to the right user at the right time under the Growth hacking agency. Moburst’s users consist of some of the biggest brands globally, such as Google, Uber, Reddit, YouTube, Samsung, and many other notable startups, gaming companies, and brands.

Yodel Mobile:

Yodel Mobile is the dominant global app marketing consultancy and Mobile Agency of the Year 2019, specializing in launching and scaling apps.

Since their inception in 2007, they have launched and aided the growth of over 200 apps. They work with clients from single territory startups to established, multi-territory, international brands.

Launchpad by Growth Rocket Apps:

Launchpad is an inventive SaaS solution for marketing. Make a custom scheme on our online tool to get an immediate detail, then get stellar marketing services on an adjustable subscription under the Growth marketing agency. Record all your projects, analytics, and messages on Launchpad Client Hub, one platform that streamlines all the marketing noise.


URLGENIUS provides app marketers and innovators with a patented, cloud-based substitute for app linking and QR code abilities that enhance conversion from any medium. Our technology modernized the mobile experience with links that open specific screens in your app while bypassing the website login friction encountered when clicking from social advertisements or from inside other apps under the Growth hacking agency.


PreApps is the app marketing forum for app businesses to launch and market their app to raise the number of downloads and enhance sales significantly.

Over the past nine years, PreApps has developed proven programs that take first-time app business owners through a unique and seamless process to launch their app successfully and reach their business goals.


Bamboo is a mobile advertising agency that started in San Francisco, Us, in 2014. It practices mobile campaign management, growth strategy, creative strategy and production, advertising iteration service.


Phiture is a multi-award-winning mobile growth consultancy and agency working with the teams behind leading apps.


Adjust is an attribution and analytics software package for mobile applications, enabling mobile app marketers to examine store statistics, advertising sources, and advanced analytics to fully monetize their application.


Distract is a fast-growing agency that brings forward a bespoke solution designed to deliver results for your media marketing under a Growth marketing agency. From innovative paid social campaigns to search strategies—their client rate from national household names to regional powerhouses and local startups.


REPLUG is a leading app marketing consulting agency supporting mobile-first startups and traditional organizations launching and scaling their mobile apps.

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