5 Vacation Home Upgrades That Will Attract Tenants

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Vacation accommodations are integral to someone’s overall vacation experience. A well-crafted and well-maintained vacation home means your stay at the beach or hillside will be safer and more comfortable. Plus, renters might even return to a few tourist destinations to re-experience the cozy life in your rental accommodation.

While COVID-19 still looms, these five vacation home upgrades may help attract future renters into reserving your property for their vacation once the pandemic lifts.

Enhance Curb Appeal

People say that first impressions are often inaccurate. But in the case of your vacation home, you want your future tenants to be impressed and attracted by your rental home’s driveway and facade.

Upgrade curb appeal by landscaping the front lawn or adding greenery on the front porch. Tidy up the entryway by pulling weeds, sweeping dried leaves, and placing fresh gravel on the side of your pathways. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your doors, walls, window frames, and roofs could enhance the overall appearance of your vacation rental.

Build An Outdoor Retreat

Because you want your vacation rental to be comfortable and enjoyable for your tenants, building an outdoor retreat might just make their vacation experience in your rental home more memorable. For example, if your vacation home has a swimming pool in the backyard, you may build an alfresco dining space for your guests to enjoy summer brunches and family pool parties. And the trend reveals the high demand for natural stone tiles for these outdoor dining spaces. Decorate your balcony with plants, a coffee table, and chairs to give renters a lovely spot to relax.

If your vacation rental is at the beach, you may add a hammock, shade, and dining area for your guests to savor the cool breeze and idyllic ambiance. Take inspiration from some houses and lots for sale in Alfonso, Cavite to remodel your balcony area and outdoor spaces to suit the beautiful sea and horizon.

Spruce Up The Bathroom

Your vacation home’s bathrooms may make or break your guests’ comfort and vacation experience. Besides showering and doing business, a clean and aesthetically pleasing bathroom promotes pleasure, happiness, and wellness. Plus, having great photos of your rental home’s bathroom might just inspire tenants to make early reservations.

Some bathroom renovations worth considering are:

  • Repair cracks on tile flooring
  • Repaint walls
  • Add a low-flow, hidden tank toilet
  • Install cabinets and shelves
  • Place hanging lights and night lamps
  • Put absorbent, spa-quality towels
  • Add scented candles, incense, potpourri, and bathroom decor

Sprucing up your bathroom will surely create a restful and pleasant stay for your renters.

Optimize Sleeping Spaces

Besides the bathroom, your vacation rental’s sleeping quarters should also be clean, quiet, and comfortable. Having a full night’s sleep helps your guests rest and replenish their energy after engaging in outdoor activities all day.

Recreate the luxurious ambiance of five-star hotels by placing high-quality linens, sheets, mattresses, and pillows in the bedrooms. Black-out curtains, night lights, and air-conditioning units are other features that make your guests’ sleep more relaxing. If your vacation home is in a colder region, you may add warming blankets to make your renters feel warmer and cozier during their stay.

Include Smart Technology

In this day and age where people depend on technology to live and stay healthy, adding a few hi-tech upgrades to your vacation home might just encourage more tenants to book for their future vacations once restrictions are lifted.

Self-cleaning knobs and handles, Wi-Fi connection, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sprinklers are some of the technologies you might want to invest in for your vacation rental. Automated doors and garage entryways also ensure that your guests and their belongings will be safe and secure.

Overall, upgrading your vacation home takes time, careful planning, and quite a fortune. But doing these five upgrades and maintaining your rental home may prove to be worthwhile investments in the long run. You will attract more renters and give them an enjoyable and relaxing vacation experience.

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