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Technophiles, technocrats, and tech enthusiasts – everyone feels the need for relevant technological insights to strive for prosperity in career and academic life. Staying well informed on most current technical and technological trends develops credibility and enhances one’s proficiencies. That’s where ENGINEERING REVIEW magazine can help one enhance their astute tech knowledge. Published by India’s leading industrial magazine publisher (DIVYA MEDIA PUBLICATIONS PVT. LTD),ENGINEERING REVIEW focuses on delivering the latest manufacturing industry information to engineering and other similar industries. This magazine analyses news of technology trends and manufacturing, thereby providing exclusive updates on Indian projects. One can visit to study topics like:

  • Disruptions in the Mobile Industry 
  • How welding has become a standout production process
  • How machine finish is becoming a revolution
  • Revolutionary trends in the manufacturing industry and more

Revolutionary Trends in The Manufacturing Industry

Amongst the most valuable studies analysed in the magazine, the trendiest topic of discussion is the current manufacturing sphere. ENGINEERING REVIEW elucidates different studies based on an array of the various manufacturing industry in India. One who does not understand the role of manufacturing industries should learn its definition first. The manufacturing industry is the one that transforms goods in its own right. They also assist in the installation and repair of industrial equipment & subcontracting operations for third parties. Manufacturing industries also help in modernising agriculture. As a result, it reduces the heavy dependence of individuals on agricultural income by offering them different job roles. The revolutionary innovations adapted by this industry also helped in the eradication of poverty and unemployment. It also helps bring down the social and regional disparities.

The Role of Industrial Invention Technology to Renovate Technologies

ENGINEERING REVIEW also publishes articles on industrial production. Given the need for modularising industrial production technologies, ENGINEERING REVIEW elucidates insightful information on the manufacturing industry in India. Visit to get an in-depth insight. In general, industrial production refers to the volume of the output produced by the industrial sectors like:

  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy and public utilities

In the current industrial control & drive technology arena, PLC, IPC, and HMI systems and drive components can get customised from individual “slices” and several remote blocks to suit machines or plants that require getting automated. They can get further expanded or modified in use without entailing major inputs. The modularisation of industrially manufactured products can only prove to be successful, both in economic and technical terms.

ENGINEERING REVIEW shares the recent manufacturing technology article on Xylem that announced an appointment by Koh Brothers Building & Civil Engineering Pte Ltd. According to this article, Xylem will supply more than 19,000 units of Sanitaire ceramic disc diffuser systems to the Tuas facility. The prime objective is to treat non-domestic used water that subsequently will get reused by different industries.

The next ENGINEERING REVIEW talks about the industrial automation article. The twelfth Biennial Die & Mould India International Exhibition, prepared by TAGMA India, began with the intention to offer an incredible opportunity to bring the newest technologies & products for the die & mould industry under one umbrella.

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