5 Ways You Can Prevent Customer Complaints

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In this day and age, customer complaints can make or break a business. How often have you researched a business and saw that they had bad reviews so you decided not to purchase their product? Any smart consumer will use reviews/feedback as the basis for whether they want to purchase a product or not. Here are 5 tips that I have that you can help minimize customer complaints.

  1. Utilise all forms of technology

Improving the technology of your business can help. For example, one of my worst mistakes as an entrepreneur was not updating my clients on their orders. I utilized an automated reminder system that automatically sent a reminder to my inbox every time I had made updates to a customer’s file. This significantly improved my ability to stay connected with my clients and definitely helped improve client retention. Obviously, this might not be an issue for you, but the main takeaway from this tip is to find technology that will assist you with your business problem.

  1. Provide a better customer experience

This is really important and is usually the make or break factor for many customers. A lot of my customers have complimented on how nice my website design is and how they really liked how I was able to showcase my products. That’s because I took the time and invested in finding a really good web designer to do this work for me. If I didn’t do that, I would still be stuck with a really boring website that no one really cared about. It’s not just about the website though, it’s also about ensuring your products are high quality too. For example, an instruction manual to a technology item is something that can make your customer’s experience more enjoyable.

  1. Be more personal with your clients to get feedback

Don’t just rely on your automated messaging system asking your customers for their opinion as feedback. You need to actually invest the time and effort into speaking with your customers and seeing what works and what doesn’t work for them. You’ll notice that even huge companies like Apple will go out and randomly survey customers about their products. This feedback allows for better products and less customer complaints in the future.

  1. Reward customers for their feedback

This follows up from my last point but you can also reward your customers for providing you with feedback. For example, for each client that gives you feedback, you give them a 5% discount to your products. This is just an example, but this can lead to clients coming back to you and we all know that client retention is a lot easier than finding new clients on your own.

  1. Don’t make promises about your product that you can’t deliver

I know in the heat of a sales call or in the heat of responding to a customer’s enquiry, you may embellish certain things about your product and make it seem better than it is. My strong advice to you is – DON’T DO THAT! Your customer is looking for a solution to a problem, and if you can’t provide that solution, don’t try to white lie your way into a sale. This will 100% lead to a customer complaint and a worse reputation for your business.

Anyway, those were my 5 tips for you to have a better experience with your customers. We all hate customer complaints, but at the same time, just know that there’s so much that you can do to at least minimize it from happening.

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