Differences Between shipping and Courier Services

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Strong trade relies on the efficient movement and distribution of goods. You may not realize the differences between the two choices available to you in your zeal to ensure that your document, product or gift arrives safely and on time at its destination: a shipping company and a courier company.

While the two may appear to be the same, they are slightly different in reality. Here, we look at four key distinctions between a shipping company and a courier service in Singapore.

Transportation Method

In a variety of different ways, a courier will collect your package. Big, well-established courier companies, as they have many parcels to collect and ship, can arrive in a truck, van or SUV.

You may, however, hire a bike or motorcycle courier for small, private items.

Transit Times

There is a typical period for many shipping companies to produce various packages at a flat rate. For example, it can take 3 to 10 business days to deliver a small to medium-sized package for a fixed price, whereas larger packages may have a slightly higher fee and take a little more time to deliver. Shipping companies usually offer few customization options.

Courier services specialize in personalized timing options ranging from three hours to three days and can transfer within a limited time frame something as small as a folder or as big as an appliance.

You can select from a courier’s menu of options to see which scheduling and pricing options work best for you if you need a package delivered somewhere overnight or within an afternoon. With a daily delivery service, you get a lot of flexibility and customization than you can.

Drop Point

Courier services typically arrive at your home or office before sending it directly to your chosen destination, to receive the package from you even if you are getting a courier service from Singapore to India.

You are usually expected to drop the package off at a locally run facility while using a shipping service, then transferring the package to a central hub for delivery to its final destination.


For both residential and business customers, both shipping firms and postal services cater. However, because of their particular shipping requirements, courier services tend to be much more targeted towards business customers. When you have an urgent matter that needs you to have something shipped as quickly as possible, a delivery service may be equally important for personal use. Couriers offer a premium service that includes packaging and monitoring, signature service, and much quicker delivery times.

If the item you are shipping is important or sensible enough to

justify the premium cost; you will prefer a courier rather than a shipper.

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