Discover The Benefits Of Transcription Service

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The transcription services display synthetic texts synchronized with the dialogues or the narration of a film or program. The translation for this purpose must be carried out by a specialized professional. The term “Transcription” in English is “Transcreation,” that is, the combination of the translation with the creation of the original language text. When a professional start this transcription work, be it video or audio, he needs to go beyond translation, looking for its adequacy.

The Profile Of The Transcription Professional

The professional subtitling needs to be more than a translator. The transcription service such as academic transcription demands translation and creativity. The role of the professional who performs the transcription differs from that of the translator without experience in this type of work. He has to have the ability to create and produce meanings. It needs to capture the “spirit” and the real meaning of the spoken text and transport them to the written text of the subtitle, using words that are part of the orality of the target language. For this, it is necessary to have sensitivity to understand what the author meant, fluency in the orality of the source, and, mainly, target languages to produce subtitles that convey the correct message clearly and naturally.

What Can Be Transcribed?

When audio is transcribed and translated, be it audio of an interview, a conference, personal audio, or a song, it can be disseminated in different ways, reaching more people.

What are the most transcribed areas by the Universe?

Webinar Transcripts

Webinar is a kind of videoconference with commercial or educational purposes, in which a company uses an online platform to carry out a one-way communication. Carrying out the transcription and translation of texts can be an excellent globalization strategy.

Podcast Transcripts

A podcast is like a radio show, which we can listen to at any time. Instead of looking for a radio station with specific content, we can find that same content on the internet, free of charge. Many international podcasts have rich content, making it vital to have them available in other languages.

Video Lesson Transcripts

A video lesson is a recorded lesson presented in video form. Many educational institutions invite foreign teachers who speak other languages, making the transcription and translation service very common and essential in this area.

Lecture Transcripts

A lecture or conference is a presentation in which the speaker aims to share his knowledge, clarifying it to others.

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