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In order to get your product in front of potential purchasers, you must first create a listing. We provide a variety of alternatives and resources to assist you sell your listing on the business eBay account.

If you’re having trouble establishing a listing, contact us. The item you’re attempting to list may be forbidden because you’ve gone over your monthly allotment, your account may be restricted, or all three.

The first step

Begin by explaining the product you’re selling. If you want to sell anything, you may upload images, pick the brand and physical information, choose whether to auction or fixed price, and set a price.

Finally, choose the delivery alternatives the customer will have access to, a return policy, and the method of payment you like.

You may learn more about how to describe your item, its condition, and other aspects by reading the sections that follow. As a seller, you should familiarise yourself with our regulations on forbidden and restricted products, as well as how to post and complete a transaction.

Product information

When it comes to item descriptions, the best ones are concise enough to convey the essentials at a glance, but thorough enough to ensure that the consumer knows precisely what they’re purchasing.

Include the following:

The main selling factors of your product

It’s clear what you’re selling. If you’re selling secondhand equipment, for instance, be sure to indicate which cords are included in the sale. You can choose the best eBay listing service in this case now.

Its current state

On eBay, you may sell everything, from brand-new things to those that have been used a few times.

In order for your consumer to know precisely what they’re buying, you must be honest and truthful regarding the product’s condition.

The choices you have for characterizing the condition of your item differ according to its category. A few of your alternatives are as follows:

  • This means that the item is still in its original packaging and has not been used or worn.
  • No signs of wear and tear but lacking its original packing, or the original packaging was opened and is no longer sealed.
  • An item that has been repaired by the eBay seller or a third party and is in working condition.


Certified Refurbished by the manufacturer, this gadget is in like-new condition. Unless otherwise specified, the item will be delivered in brand-new condition with all of its original components and any replacements.

Good quality reconditioned goods

With a one year guarantee, the item is in excellent shape. Qualified sellers have meticulously and expertly repaired, examined, and cleaned it to showroom condition. New generic packaging is included with the purchase of this item, which contains either original or new accessories.

There is little wear on this refurbished device, and it comes with a one-year guarantee. It is in excellent working order and has been thoroughly examined and cleaned by competent vendors. Original or new accessories are included, and the item is packaged in generic packaging.

Last Words

There is a one year guarantee on this refurbished good. It has some signs of use, but it’s still in good condition. It is in excellent working order and has been reconditioned, cleaned, and examined by competent vendors. Original or new accessories are included, and the item is packaged in a new generic box.


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