Why the use of unverified addresses can cause problems for the company: the importance of email validation

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Some marketers mistakenly think that verifying the relevance of the data on the mailing list is not a very important part of their work. But in fact, this is not the case today, and the stereotype about the harmlessness of having a lot of invalid addresses in mass mailing lists can seriously harm a company. Manual verification can take days or even weeks of work. There is also an alternative solution, an electronic data verification system on the mailing list. You can read more about it at https://reply.io/reply-email-validation/. There is a detailed description of the address verification process and how effective it is in obtaining unbiased information about potential customers. However, we would like to draw your attention to the pitfalls that await those who do not pay attention to the mailing list’s relevance.

Replacing names and users: how not to get involved in the “old” lists effect

A company’s email lists have been formed since its inception or rebranding, changes in active marketing policy. However, it is practically impossible to manually check whether the addresses are up to date and whether they are being sent to the right customers.

Some customers who previously used an address may already be using a different one. This is especially common for corporate clients who use branded email names. The situation is paradoxical – the name of the email doesn’t seem to have changed, but the user is there already differently. Verifying customer data is an important part of effective communication. Because the accuracy of sending emails to the target audience dramatically increases the effectiveness of such actions. As well as the rational use of working time and other resources.

Protecting your company’s email address from being blocked

A mailing address, especially a verified one that has been around for many years, is a valuable company asset. You should not use it for “blind” mailings to millions of potential customers if you are not sure of the validity of the addresses. This is especially risky if you have only sent a few thousand or fewer emails before.

Mailers may not count on years of positive background and put the address on the spam list:

  • the first step is to restrict activity;
  • if the situation repeats – temporary blocking of the address;
  • in some cases, postal services can, without consultation with the recipient, block the address permanently.

That’s why e-mail address verification is an important component of effective work aimed at high-quality communication with customers and at the same time – reducing to zero the risk of blocking a reliable company e-mail address.

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