How to Increase Site Traffic with SEO?  

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Never has SEO services and your SEO strategy been more important than in 2022.

Your optimisation priorities are at an all-time high, especially when some of your competition has struggled and pulled back on their marketing budget.

Now is the ideal time to look towards SEO services to jump ahead on the search engines, increase your inbound leads and your bottom line, and gain more visibility around the new search trends in your local area and the state.

In this article, we will focus on crucial elements to increase site traffic with SEO Keywords.

Although obvious, it is one of the most critical aspects of your SEO Strategy. Ensuring that your meta descriptions, title headers, and keyword research are on-point is vital to your online success.

Keywords direct the search engines to your site and explain your pages, products, and services and how relevant you are to the user’s searches.

New ranking elements have arisen that will be just as effective as those old methods of the past if you get them right.

Years ago, business owners and SEO agencies took advantage of this by overusing these keywords at every opportunity. Now, as Google has evolved, this is a red flag, so they need to be used correctly.

However, selecting your keywords has also become an art. Partnering with SEO specialists is a good starting point for someone who isn’t experienced in this field..

Long-tail keywords

The best way to approach this is to think about what sums up my site, business, products, or services best? So if you were to be in the car business, it’s easy to think ‘I want to rank for ‘cars’.

So, in an ideal world, anyone who searched for ‘cars’ would find your business. But it’s not as easy as hundreds of other companies, and some that have been in business longer than you and have a bigger marketing budget are already ranking for ‘cars’.

You need to think outside the box a little more in today’s digital marketing world.

So, ‘Canberra car dealership’ would help attract more local business in a quicker time. Or ‘Canberra used car dealership’ would be very specific, maybe less search volume. Still, the people who actually searched for that would find you.

You can rank quicker and higher for less volume keywords when you employ this tactic.

Therefore, you are not going up against the big competition as they are focused on the highest search volume keywords; this will help your business grow.

Location-based keywords

The saying goes, ‘location, location, location,’ so location-based keywords are essential to good SEO ethics. Unless you let Google know where you are, they won’t know, so being specific about your area, address, region and so forth is vital. 

More people are shopping locally and supporting local businesses. So from the last example, if your business is located in Canberra, you would want to include your longtail keyword of ‘used car dealership in Canberra’. This is an even more specific search term and is excellent for local businesses that have taken off since the global pandemic.


Content is king has never been more prevalent, you need plenty of it, and it needs to be fresh, informative and engaging. A search engine isn’t human and therefore doesn’t read it the same way, but there are many things you can do in your content to get the marketing results you are looking for, such as:


Substantial content is now a key ranking factor for Google. Plus, your main aim is to keep people reading as the longer time they spend on your website is also now a ranking factor. 

Short content, of course, is quick and easy. Still, today’s SEO is not a short-term job or easy, so content needs to be regularly updated with the latest information about you and your products and services and to inform the general public about new things occurring within your industry.

Bear in mind that you don’t need to go overboard and write an encyclopaedia, but clear decisive information for Google’s users is what they are looking for.

Guest blogging

This is an excellent way of finding a new audience that will bring new visitors to the site, help your click ratio, lead to possible leads, and increase conversion rates. If you are working with a company offering SEO services, then work with them to create informative articles. They will then look for other businesses in the same field that will post this on their site, enhancing your domain authority (DA) with Google.


External links are goldust to any business. It is verification that another website linked to your industry was willing to publish informative information about your business and link back to you. This helps to build relationships and makes you an authoritative presence within your industry to Google, therefore enhancing your ranking. 


It’s been a tough time for many businesses. If you can afford to start to invest back into SEO then now is the time; as there is a good chance, others are not. Unfortunately, some businesses may have shrunk, laid off staff, and cut back on their marketing. Still, as always in adversity, there is opportunity. It is the time to look for help from an experienced and well-rated SEO agency to show you the right path to get up the rankings, increase your online visibility, and gain new clients. So this is the year to go for it, full steam ahead, and good luck to you.


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