Solid SEO Content Strategy For Your Online Shop

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Content is king but there are different types and you want to ensure that you choose the right kind for your online shop. You want to create a solid SEO content strategy that is appropriate for your online shop. 

When you buy SEO services, the professionals make sure that they plan a solid content strategy that is data drive and matches search intent. The experts from the Digital Marketing 1-on-1 firm use keyword data for creating the proper content suitable for every stage of decision-making and purchase process.

  • Analyzing data helps to determine what seekers expect from Google searches.
  • You know users’ pain points, so you create content that resolves their needs rather than focusing on sales figures.
  • Search engine bots determine if the content on your website is relevant to the user’s search intent. 
  • As soon as, the bots index your site as relevant, it appears high on SERPs.

Content types for your online store

  • Home page
  • Different category page
  • Different product pages
  • Noncommercial content area [knowledge base or content or case studies]
  • Required pages for privacy, logos, etc. 

There is commercial and non-commercial content. The home page, product, and category page are commercial. Unlike traditional marketing language, today’s commercial content is more informative. It includes internal links to extra content, purchase advice, an overview of categories, relevant products, and themes. 

Noncommercial content includes instructions, advice, and tools like calculators. It addresses marginal problems. 

Linkable assets include content with a high potential of getting backlinks. To get quality backlinks it is essential to get published on relevant blogs and sites. The content that brings backlinks has to be interesting or offer specific value. 

Find relevant keywords

To create consumer-centric content, you need to know your target and understand what their pain points are. Now, you can start researching for search terms and phrases that seekers use when they come in search of your products or services.

  • Start with broad keywords that are relevant to your brand.
  • Consider factors like product features, top sellers, and keyword variations to narrow the scope.
  • You got a preliminary list to start research. Include long-tail keywords because it allows digging deeper into the topic.  
  • You got a rough keyword list. Run them through a research tool to find out which words or phrases will yield the best results. 

Content creation and UX optimization

You are equipped with rich keywords that will increase your ROI. It is time to use them in creating powerful and valuable content. Google users are impatient and want things to be found quickly. Therefore it is crucial to prioritize usability and search intent while creating content. 

The user-friendly content is beneficial to users because it saves them time and mental strain. UX-optimized content creation includes –

  • Readability – Create short sentences in simple language and active voice. 
  • Writing – Every textual component must help readers intuitively move across the website.
  • Visuals – Add video material or images or infographics or bullet points to enhance the text.
  • Helpful content – The content can be about product comparison, how to purchase, why to choose, product benefits & drawbacks, etc.

Never expect marvels from only content, your online shop must even offer high quality usable, and appealing product range. 

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