How to select the best wine fridge Singapore has to offer

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Wine is a drink that many people take on any occasion to make it more special. Wine is a drink that is made by fermenting fruits, specifically grapes. While it is alcoholic, the percentage of alcohol is lower than other drinks like beer, rum, vodka, and more. There are two popular versions of wine, red and white, and while they are not the sole varieties, they are the most popular. Based on recent research, it has been advised to drink a glass of wine for a healthier lifestyle. This has been met with a lot of happiness by wine lovers, especially French people. In France, people drink wine with most of their meals. It is their culture and tradition. With all the popularity that surrounds wine, it is no wonder that people have been buying bottles of it and storing it in their homes.

While wine can be stored in any place, to maintain the quality of wine, it is necessary to store it in the right conditions. Anything other than that could lead to deterioration in the quality and flavor of the wine. Also, wine must be respected. A storage unit could make the wine look more aesthetically pleasing for any person who views it. If you are in Singapore, then here you will get to know more about how to select the best wine fridge Singapore has to offer.

Why do you need them?

If you use a standard fridge to store wine, it will create an environment that is too dry. This will affect the cork of the wine bottles causing them to shrink. The gap created will result in the wine losing most of its flavor.


  • Humidity – The relative humidity level must be between 50% to 70% with 60% being the ideal level. A higher humidity might result in mold and bottle degradation while a lower humidity will affect the cork.
  • Temperature – While the temperature will vary depending on the type of wine, on average, 8 to 12 degrees Celsius is ideal for white wine while 12 to 18 degrees Celsius is ideal for red wine.
  • Aesthetics – If you are planning on buying a fridge to store your wine, it becomes crucial to focus on the aesthetics. A good fridge can make the entire process better and to buy a good product, you must buy from the best stores. Some of the best stores will provide users with a customized product which is ideal to show all the guests the user’s style.

Wine is more than just a drink, it is an art. As an art, it needs to be treated with respect. Through this article, you are now better equipped to select the best wine fridge Singapore has to offer.



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