5 Foundation Skills to be a Successful Entrepreneur

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“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure,” said Bill Gates.

An entrepreneur does not like to work for anyone. An entrepreneur creates their own business and accepts all the risks while creating it and then enjoy its rewards. Setting up the business is termed Entrepreneurship. An Entrepreneur should be innovative, passionate, full of ideas, confident, etc. An entrepreneur thinks according to the market, what the market needs, and all. For a successful business, he must accept the risks of creating the startup. Tackling these risks will eventually result in good profit and continuous growth.

Skills to be a Successful Entrepreneur:


It is the same as a skill for a normal person. It is a skill that can be developed with time. Having your mind focused on what you want to do and how you want to do is a great thing. It is the basic thing an entrepreneur should have before starting up a business and expanding it. It is sometimes hard to focus but when you have determination towards your works it is possible. It will increase your productivity.


Communication has always been a great skill for people to interact. Good communication skills have always been a great advantage. And for an entrepreneur, it’s a skill that is applied in every field of entrepreneurship. You will have to communicate with investors and partners to ensure that the business is headed towards a good path and having good communication with clients and customers maintains a good reputation and relationship with the customers. With bad communication skills, a business will fail. Practice more to better your communication skills.

Time management:

The one who respects Time has the chance of becoming more successful. Every minute you spend on your startup will result in a good way. Make sure you manage your time between your work life and day-to-day life. Time allocation to get the work done is a must.


Having a good network has always been proven beneficial for a business. It increases opportunities, partnership deals, getting well employees. Have a good relationship with business partners and customers, as eventually, it will affect your business. Having a good network will increase your value in the market.

Customer Focus:

Everyone creates a startup daily and gets closed soon. The main reason behind an unsuccessful startup is not paying attention to your customers. A successful entrepreneur keeps their customers in mind and works according to that to create a trustful relationship. Having a good customer focus will help you to do better and try new different things. Listen to both their complaints and praises and do better with that.

Neil Mitchell is a passionate and knowledgeable advocate, advisor, and investor in early-stage founder lead businesses. His business journey includes 30 plus years of experience in the Canadian Property & Casualty insurance industry. Beyond his business interests, Neil Mitchell Players Health enjoys the great outdoors and its many related activities and supporting numerous causes. Neil is a grateful husband, father, brother, son, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend, employee, colleague, and business partner.

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