The Main Mistakes that Can Be Made while Shipping

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Freight transportation is a rather complicated process. No wonder, various problems and mistakes are possible. The most common of them include the choice of the wrong truck, providing an incorrect address, ignoring proper packaging, and wrong weight.

Prevalent Shipping Mistakes: Things You Should Avoid

When hiring a freight forwarder, business owners want to make the process of cargo transportation as smooth and stable as possible. Yet, even if you choose the best company with excellent ratings, you still may experience different problems. It happens because many entrepreneurs do not know exactly how shipping should be organized. To keep everything in order, get acquainted with the most common shipping mistakes and try to avoid them.

  • Choosing the vans of the wrong type.
    You may be surprised to get to know how many truck modifications are available. Some of them are designed to transport furniture. Other types are perfect for food delivery. Moreover, the wrong size of the truck may lead to the damages of cargo.
    That’s why you clearly realize what type of cargo has to be transported and what van is good for this purpose. If you are a newbie in this business, it’s better to ask for help from the experts of a freight forwarding company. They analyze the peculiarities of your cargo and pick up the most suitable vehicle;
  • Ignoring proper packaging.
    There is a great misconception that packaging is a must only when it comes to relocation. Many people believe that freight transportation doesn’t require this option. As a result, your items can be damaged or completely broken. To avoid such situations, you are to think about proper protecting your goods. It’s necessary to pick up reliable materials. It can be various boxes, containers, film, membrane, tape, etc. It’s worth mentioning that packaging is a rather time-consuming process. It’s better to hire experts to do this. Yet, not all freight transportation companies provide such services;
  • Giving incorrect-ad dresses.
    It’s of prime importance to provide logistics brokers with the right and correct information. If the trucks are driven to another place because of your fault, you should not only experience delays and postpones but also have to pay fees. If such a situation happens at the driver’s fault, you still experience delays but should not pay extra money. To avoid this problem, it’s necessary to hire the best representatives of the transportation industry. And, of course, you should be more attentive when placing an order. You have to check all the information twice;
  • Weather does matter.
    If you think that the managers of the freight forwarding companies are real supermen who can alter weather conditions in order to complete your order in no time, you are wrong. You should take into account that heavy snowfalls, floods, or wildfires may affect the deadlines of delivery. Yet, if you consider the weather forecast in advance, you can adjust the transportation route to avoid difficulties;
  • The wrong weight.
    While shipping, cargo is weighted several times. It’s done in order to avoid overloads. If your freight is too heavy, you have either to pay extra fees or get rid of some items.
    It’s only a few of the available mistakes every shipper makes. In order to avoid significant financial losses, it’s necessary to know how to cope with these mistakes. It saves you money and nerves.


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