Top Trends of HR Software

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Today organization makes quite a few purchases and outsources many of their tasks to ease up the job. It helps any organization to deal with critical tasks in a better way. Employees can also focus on what seems the most important to them. These outsourcing and purchasing helps to improve the productivity of the employees by removing distraction. One of the most important happens to be HR tools or software. These have proved its ability to become helpful and necessary for any business. 

The pandemic situation and the need to emphasize work from home has made it necessary to choose something that can easily bring people together and makes things easier. Human resource software (โปรแกรมบริหารงานบุคคล, term in Thai) can ease things up enough for organizations to focus on the main thing properly. There are some trending factors about HR software which has garnered enough attention. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most trending things and it has also been adding more to HR software. AI is capable of spotting patterns, making predictions, and chooses among alternatives. This is everything that is needed during recruiting, developing and evaluating talents. When these processes are automated with the help of AI, there are chances of more accurate results. But there are also concerns around the capability of technology to eliminate sexism and racism biases. Company owners have also shown concerns over leaving the decision to a technological black box. But AI is surely ready to make important contribution to HR system. 


Blockchain is creating the entire stir due to its capability to make data immune to hacking. This database technology is capable of disbursing the records across multiple computers which makes the data permanent. Though Blockchain was for cryptocurrencies, now companies are also realizing the importance of it in sharing data. Basic uses of HR Blockchain are transmitting employment contracts, candidate credentials and payroll documentation in a secure way. 

Emphasizing mental health 

The pandemic period has taken a toll on all of us. Every country in the world suffered the wrath of this unprecedented situation. People had to stay away from others and alienate themselves in order to ensure safety. Working from home while being under the pressure of a raging disease has led many of us to declining mental health. Meeting the workplace expectations with such mental condition had a negative effect on our life. That is why employers are now providing portals and apps to help employees cope with mental condition as well as this adverse situation. 

Hybrid and remote work

The pandemic has showed us many new ways to deal with life. As employees made their ways back to office again, the organizations planned a new work mode- the hybrid one. This mode demanded some new hybrid workplace technologies like team collaboration tools and videoconferencing software. The HR system vendors have come up with new features for recruitment, wellness and performance management in a hybrid environment. Now it is possible to perform tasks like managing covid protocols and monitor wellness of employees remotely. 

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