What are meme stocks, and are they worth investing in?

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Meme stocks are a type of stock that has become increasingly popular amongst inexperienced investors in recent years. They are shares of companies that have been heavily impacted by online social media attention, both positively and negatively. This influence could be from individuals or groups on Twitter, Reddit, and other public forums. The question many people ask is – should I invest in meme stocks? While it can be tempting to join the hype, investing in meme stocks in Singapore requires careful consideration.

What to consider before investing in meme stocks

Investors should consider various factors before investing in meme stocks to ensure that they make a well-informed decision. These factors will help investors determine the risks and rewards associated with investing in meme stocks.

Understand the company

Before investing, investors should understand the company, its business model, and potential growth opportunities. It will help determine whether a stock will likely become a meme stock.

Follow social media discussions

It’s crucial to stay up to date on market sentiment related to individual stocks and companies by following social media discussions on forums such as Reddit and Twitter. Knowing what other investors say can give investors insight into which stocks may be worth investing in.

Research investment opportunities

Investors should research different investment opportunities available in Singapore before making an investment decision. It will help investors identify which stocks are most likely to generate returns.

Consider the risk-reward ratio

Investors should consider the risk-reward ratio associated with investing in meme stocks. Investors must weigh the potential reward against the possible risks before deciding whether or not to invest in such stocks. It’s important to remember that investments can permanently make you lose money, so investors should only invest what they can afford to lose.

Invest for the long term

Investing in meme stocks is risky and, therefore, should ideally be done as a long-term investment. Investors should also ensure that their portfolio is diversified across different types of investments, as this will reduce overall risk.

How to invest in meme stocks

Now that you know what to consider before considering meme stocks, you must learn how to invest in meme stocks. Knowing how to invest in meme stocks will help you make informed decisions and maximise your chances of earning a return.

Open an online stockbroker account

The first step is to open an online stockbroker account. It will give you access to the Singapore Exchange and allow you to buy and sell meme stocks. There are several different stockbrokers in Singapore, so it is essential to research and select the one that best fits your needs.

Set up a dematerialised trading account

Once you have opened an online stockbroker account, you must set up a dematerialised trading account. A dematerialised account allows investors to hold their shares electronically, and a trading account enables them to place orders for buying or selling shares.

Research meme stocks

Investors need to conduct research on potential meme stocks before investing in them. Investors should look at the stock’s past performance and analyse current news and events to help them make an informed decision.

Place trading orders

Once investors have identified a meme stock they are interested in, they can place a buy or sell order on their online broker account. It is important to note that there may be associated fees for placing trades, so investors should ensure that they are aware of these fees before proceeding with any transactions.

Monitor investments regularly

It is essential to monitor your investments regularly. It will enable you to stay up to date on market sentiment related to individual stocks and companies. It will also allow you to adjust your portfolio if necessary.

Meme stock risks

Though meme stocks have several advantages, you must also research the risks involved when trading them. Mitigating the risks will help protect your investments and maximise your chances of doing well.


Meme stocks are often highly volatile, meaning the price can rapidly fluctuate in either direction for no apparent reason. It makes them risky to invest in as investors may be unable to predict or control the outcome of their trades.

Lack of liquidity

Another risk associated with meme stocks is a lack of liquidity, as there may only sometimes be enough buyers to match sellers. Investors may have difficulty selling their holdings if they need to do so quickly.

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