Sky Sports Vs DAZN – Which Offers the Best Value?

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Sky Sports offers fans the chance to watch all the big events in the UK and Ireland. They also provide live coverage of F1 racing and football. But there’s a new competitor – DAZN – which is aiming to bring boxing to the UK too. The ‘Netflix of sport’ is now available in more than 200 countries and territories, with a focus on boxing.

The question is, how do they both compare and which is the best option for you when it comes to sports coverage? Let’s take a look at them both side by side!


Currently, both services offer a wide range of sports content and original programming. However, DAZN is a more attractive option due to its lower price and global expansion strategy. Rather surprisingly, the sports network is now available in over 200 countries. It also offers a money-back guarantee and fast speeds for streaming.

While DAZN is a great way to watch live sports and a lot of sports content, it has some challenges. For one, DAZN has not yet been able to conquer the UK market in the same way that Sky has.


When it comes to the quality of the sports, Sky Sports and DAZN are both competitive. However, choosing between the two will come down to which offers the sports you like to watch and the coverage quality.

The first factor to consider is what sports you want to watch. Both offer quite a substantial array of sports and events from around the world. Sky Sports is renowned for providing Uk viewers with top-notch coverage of sports including football, cricket, Formula 1, Rugby, and boxing.

DAZN offers similar although for markets in other countries. In addition, it offers a simple monthly price and no long-term commitment.

App Interface

The app interfaces of Sky Sports and DAZN are designed to give fans access to a large amount of content. Both apps are available on multiple platforms, including computers, Smart TVs, smartphones and cable boxes. For example, DAZN’s app focuses on a selection of MMA events and wrestling. It also has a wide selection of documentaries.

DAZN is a leading entertainment company with a world-class range of programs from exclusive series and films to live sports, children’s programming and exciting documentaries. Its leading all-in-one platform Sky Q aggregates the best TV and free-to-air channels, thousands of movies and series on demand and a broad range of top apps.

International Coverage

While both offer coverage of international sports and events, they generally focus on more localised sports. For instance, Sky Sports is big in the UK as it has the right to show live Premier League football matches and Formula 1 races. DAZN is similar too, as in Italy, it holds the rights for Serie A games and boxing.

The two sporting networks This week, DAZN has announced a partnership with Sky, allowing subscribers in the UK to watch the Indian Premier League on its linear channel. It’s the first time that DAZN’s coverage will be shown on a dedicated channel on Sky.

So which to Choose?

It really comes down to your personal preference. What is the correct choice for one person is not always going to be the same for another. Just write down the pros and cons of each service and make your choice accordingly. If you love watching the Premier League, the answer is obvious. However, if you like access to a wider variety of sports, your decision is not as easy. Another consideration is the coverage. Sky Go funziona all’estero, so that is a big benefit – can you say the same about DAZN?

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