What is Digital Marketing in 2021?

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2020 was quite the crazy year and we can thank COVID for that. Surprisingly due to lockdown everyone is popping up online and it is quite convenient for them as they couldn’t go outside. But now the year 2020 is over, hoping for a blessed new year what kind of trends marketers should follow to stay aloof on the platform this time around. In the previous years we have seen companies go up the charts skyrocketing and some others fall just the same way.  Also due to COVID, people frequently are losing their jobs and thus the competition for online marketing in Maryland has increased substantially. 

For a marketer and a businessman, it is so important to say ahead of the trends or at least with them. A lot of people can get overwhelmed of how globally many advertisement platforms are popping and we often forget that we have to embrace change in the marketing platform instead of being afraid of it. So let’s talk about some of the hottest trends that you need to embrace to prosper in 2021. At the top of the list comes AI or Artificial Intelligence. AI is nowadays all around us it’s unavoidable. Many big companies like Google and Amazon are literally spending entire teams on just developing AI’s for their respective companies. So, in Digital Marketing we have chat bots which are AI based. Nowadays customers rather want to get their queries answered quickly and accurately. By replacing physical humans with AI chat bots that problem becomes solved. If you’ve got a company chat bots is something that you must definitely embrace. 

AI is literally expected to turn into a 190 Billion dollar industry by 2025 and about 60% of companies are using AI to draw digital revenue towards their company. The next thing to look out for is the page loading speed. Since 5G has been introduced the page speed plays a huge factor in Digital Marketing. It is seen that by increasing the page speed of a website the traffic the website gets gradually increases. So, if you have a website you have to make sure that it’s optimized and is super-fast. The next factor that needs to be looked into is content length. At present age, content length doesn’t matter much. Well, people used to say that to rank in the top 10 of Google you need to have 2000+ words. But that’s not true as Google highly values the perspective of a user and as a user people don’t want to read 2000+ words on irrelevant content. So, long story short you have to attract viewers with quality over quantity. 

To do that you can rely on images, videos, animations or any other attractive and efficient mediums. Another marketing trend that you need to know about is Voice Search. At this current point in time, close to 50% of all searches are voice searches and due to that there is bound to be a massive battle between advertising platforms to see who’s gonna conquer the voice powered market. Influencer marketing is another huge trend in the Digital Marketing of 2021. In this year we are gonna see the rise of micro-influencers. They are gonna be an essential part of any advertising strategy for any brand out there. As they have a positive effect on their audience by promoting your service it increases the chance of people buying your service and so on.

There are many new trends out there that a Digital Marketer can implement to stay on the platform nowadays. A personal opinion is that the year 2021 is still uncertain but it seems to be filled with a lot expectations for Digital Marketers. So let’s hope for the best.

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