6 Different Packaging Machines For Industrial Manufacturers

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The company might be thinking of engaging in a packaging business to either get a new production line or give the current line an overhaul. Of course, it is a big decision and one might need to plan things out first. One of the major decisions that need to be taken is what packaging machines are to be installed for a smooth assembly process. There are different types of machines, like a cardboard box erector, carbonators and pasteurizers, sterilization, filling and bottling, and others that an entrepreneur can choose from. Here is a list of 6 types of packaging machines that one might need to carry out the production line.

  • Carbonators and Pasteurizers:  

Carbonators, on one hand, are used to infuse beverages with carbon dioxide for bubbly texture. On the other hand, pasteurizers are used to kill off E. coli and other spoilage organisms. Certain pasteurizers, including some packing machines, are efficient enough to process starch, grape juice, dairy products, and sweetener aside from wine.

  • Filling and Bottling Machines: 

Filling machines are used to pour grains and other products into pre-manufactured containers. Whereas bottling machines are usually designed to handle particular beverages. Accuracy is the most important factor for such machines as thousands of containers are to be filled to a certain level by them consistently.

  • Heat Sealing Machines: 

It is important to protect the products against tampering or contamination, specifically in food or pharmaceutical applications, and thus, the need for heat sealing machines arises. The plastic film or adhesive together is melted by heat sealing machines to seal a package. In addition to this, some heat sealers also have shrink wrapping capabilities and also vacuum air from the package before sealing to make sure that they are tightly packed. 

  • Strapping and Bundling Machines: 

Lumber and metal rods are secured into bundles, while heavy boxes are strapped aside from being taped shut. This step makes it easy to transport products and also eliminates the chance of products being damaged during shipping. 

  • Case erectors:

A case erector also referred to as a cardboard box erector is a machine that can erect boxes quickly which further saves time on the assembly line. They go hand in hand with case sealers, the main function of which is to apply tape or glue to the boxes. Some packing machines merge both erectors and sealers to provide qualitative packaged products. 

  • Labeling machines

A quality product ought to have a quality label which is used both to identify the product and also to provide important information to the customers. Thermal technology is used by print-and-apply machines to produce high-resolution labels. Also, there are labeling machines that function by putting labels on the packaged products. 


Packaging machines such as cardboard box erector, filling and bottling, labeling, and many others listed above can protect products during transportation, filling of liquids, weight products, and also wrapping them. When considering establishing a packaging company, make sure to install high-quality, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance equipment for better productivity and thus, increased profits.

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