Facts You Need To Know About Storage In Thailand

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Safety and security are considered one of the most critical concerns before traveling to any place or executing a business venture. Theft is a primary concern faced by people around the globe. And here comes the role of the storage companies- who will ensure that you can keep your belongings or possessions at utmost security. Several companies offer this particular feature, and the storage business is becoming a large-scale growing business sector. 

Be it short-term or long-term storage services, companies in Thailand are always ready to cater to your service. 

This article will provide you with the essential details you need to know about the storage facilities in Thailand.


Storage in Thailand offers several features, from delivering to all over Thailand (not one single place leaves behind, no matter how small it might be). The company itself provides the loading and unloading service. Extra care is taken for expensive, fragile, delicate items in terms of bubble wraps, extra packing, wooden container boxes, and others. They never fail to amaze in their customer care and service. And above all, 24×7 hours security is zoned over the warehouses, and even each entrance and exit is checked the moment one enters the warehouse and leaves it.


There Are Also Different Storage Facilities According To Each Product Type: 

  1. For clothes, the warehouses are kept between a temperature ranging between 1.2 and 23-degree Celsius, with humidity of about 55%.
  2. For discs such as CDs, DVDs, and others, the storage spaces are maintained at a temperature range of 10-26 degrees Celsius and humidity of about 50%. Direct sunlight is avoided to enter the area as it might damage the surface of the disks.
  3. Paper goods are stored between the temperature ranges of 1.3 to 23 degrees Celsius with humidity less than 35%.
  4. If metals are not stored properly, they might erode and undergo chemical reactions, changing their original color. Hence, they must be kept between 1.5 to 23 degrees Celsius and 35-55% of humidity.
  5. Electronic equipment is not kept for too long in the open air and maintained between 10 and 26 degrees Celsius with humidity ranging from 30 to 60%. 

Special Features 

Some companies catering to storage in Thailand even provide cold storage options for perishable goods and store them for a long time.  

Risk Factor 

Maximum warehouses are subjected to various risks, especially calamities such as fire and, in rare cases, theft. However, these storage facilities stand out in this case, ensuring maximum security and minimize the risk of deterioration. 

The companies provide 24 hours service with extra-tight security. Storage in Thailand is very flexible and can be easily adjusted according to the customers’ needs, making your experience top-notch smooth and hassle-free.

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