How does mattress recycling work? 

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Is your mattress sinking from between? It’s about time you should change it. Nobody likes to sleep on a sunken bed unless they have no other option. Sunken mattresses are uncomfortable and it doesn’t let you sleep peacefully. 

Have you ever thought about giving your mattress for recycling? It’s a good thought. Moreover, it’s an environmentally-friendly thought. A lot of people are dumping their mattresses in landfills – they’re just rotting every single day. 

You have decided to break up with your mattress, but consider giving it to a recycler instead of dumping it. That’s your responsibility as a good citizen of the country. 

Mattress recycling is when recyclers dismantle the mattress, recycle, and reuse it. It’s a process that helps in protecting the environment. We already have a lot of waste out there; it will be a blessing if people stop dumping their waste and recycle the things they don’t need. 

The question is – What’s the process like? 

Keep reading to find out. 

Why Mattress Recycling is Relevant

Recycling a mattress is a great thought. It’s relevant because mattresses get damp, dirty, stinky, and infested in the landfill. When they land in a dumpster, nobody wants them. Since it’s non-biodegradable, it will continue to rot for ages. Even if we die someday, there’s a chance the mattress will continue to stay in the dumpster. 

It is best to recycle it and not waste anything. Human beings have a habit of dumping anything that’s not useful to them. It is best to utilize and embrace the new initiatives. 

The environment is getting destroyed in various ways. We are cutting trees, throwing plastic in rivers and water bodies. Do you know if the mattress lands up in a landfill, it will ooze out harmful chemicals? 

There’s a chance these harmful chemicals will reach the water bodies and plantations around. 

What’s the process of recycling mattresses? 

Recyc-Matelas mattress recycling told us about the process of recycling mattresses. As per them, 5% of the matter in the mattress is non-recyclable. Besides this, there is felt, cotton, polyester, metal, and polyether within. 

The workers dismantle the mattress and recycle it. Once it is recycled, the materials are reused. This way there is no wastage and the mattress does not end up in a landfill. 

France and Canada are already embracing the idea of recycling mattresses. The United States has mattress recyclers too. It is indeed a legit process. 

You must embrace it as it is one little step towards protecting the planet. 

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