How Fractional CFOs Can Benefit Early-Growth B2B SaaS Companies

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When startups and early-growth B2B SaaS companies think about finance accounting services, they often see it as a cost center, not a revenue generator. In reality, strategic hiring of finance roles, such as fractional CFOs, can further accelerate B2B SaaS growth.

Financial Accounting Services Needs

Emerging B2B SaaS companies must be mindful of all expenditures. It’s easy to set aside certain business functions, such as financial accounting services, until more revenue comes in the door. However, waiting can prove even more costly, as many of these financial accounting services, such as fractional CFOs, can significantly impact the overall revenue picture.

Qualified finance accounting services can provide you with a whole range of options to help accelerate your business growth and mitigate your risk, such as risk management advice; fractional CFO, Controller, and bookkeeping services; private asset tracking and reporting; and VC Fund administration services.

Expertise Without Overhead

Fractional CFOs, as well as Controllers and Bookkeepers, deliver much-needed expertise to your financial matters, allowing B2B SaaS founders to focus on what matters most—building MVPs and accelerating growth.

Fractional CFO benefits for B2B SaaS Companies

Hiring a full-time, qualified CFO can be a pricey investment, especially in early growth stages. Savvy B2B SaaS founders can mitigate costs while retaining their expertise by hiring a Fractional CFO—a consultant without the overhead, benefits, and incremental costs.

Fractional CFOs Bring Expertise Across the Organization

A quality, expert CFO provides organizations with strategic guidance on everything from budgeting and forecasting to financial modeling and internal financial operations. Their expertise allows businesses to look ahead by tracking the appropriate KPIs necessary to scale eventually.

Assisting With Fundraising and Capital Allocation

While Founders typically lead fundraising efforts, a Fractional CFO can be instrumental to the fundraising process by preparing financial statements and business plans that will resonate with potential investors. Once funds are secured, these same Fractional CFOs can lay out a strategically sound plan for the use of the secured funds.

Financial Processes and Systems Improvements

Fractional CFOs can skillfully manage the transition of existing financial systems and processes as a business grows. Their expertise enables them to recommend more sophisticated systems that ensure the financial operations scale as the B2B SaaS grows. They can also foresee and mitigate challenges related to customer engagement.

For instance, customers in different industries may require specific financial considerations such as EDI; a Fractional CFO ensures that a B2B SaaS can efficiently fulfill financial requirements in order to land new business in these segments.

Fractional CFOs Provide a Fresh Perspective

Many B2B SaaS Founders and early employees are so focused on moving their MVP forward that they may inadvertently overlook opportunities. A Fractional CFO can provide a fresh, outside perspective based on their experience that can be the difference-maker to an organization.

Specialized Industry Knowledge

The right Fractional CFO will deeply understand the SaaS industry and its specific and unique challenges and opportunities. They bring best practices from their experience and can deliver industry-specific financial advice to help accelerate the B2B SaaS company’s growth.

Taking advantage of outsourced finance accounting services like Fractional CFOs can give a B2B SaaS the competitive advantage it needs to accelerate growth in a challenging market. It allows B2B SaaS companies to access elite financial expertise cost-effectively, giving founders the edge they need to capitalize on dynamic market opportunities.

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