If It Wasn’t The Cat, Then What Was It

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There’s nothing scarier than hearing a loud noise in the middle of the night. You have to get out of your warm bed while you’re still half asleep, shuffling your feet along the side of the bed, looking for your slippers, all the while trying to face the fear that has settled inside of you. Paranoia and anxiety prevent you from making rational decisions, and you begin to question your family’s safety. Did you lock the front door and close the windows before going to bed? Why isn’t the dog barking? It can be a paralysing experience when you no longer feel confident in the knock-off security system you installed one Sunday afternoon. Even when it was just a stray cat knocking over the rubbish bins, the chill and shiver of fear remain with you until you improve the security system in your home. Security camera installation assures you that you are taking measures to keep your property and family safe. It may have been a stray cat this time, but it’s better to be prepared.

Are Security Cameras Worth It?

Everything has value to it if you assign it a value. If you value your family, belongings, and property, then security cameras are absolutely worth it. With modern technology, you are given a live feed from the cameras around, and in your home, so you can monitor every movement as it happens. Who knows, you may just catch the person who keeps taking your newspaper or see your kids trying to sneak out the window! Unfortunately, crime is an inevitable part of our society, and sometimes we fall victim to either a person’s greed or desperation. Either way, it can be an extremely unnerving experience finding your home ransacked and knowing that someone was in the same room your kid’s sleep in. With the constant availability of live footage along with excellent video resolution, identifying the intruder is much easier and gives you a better opportunity to get your belongings back. It’s the saddest situation when there’s not enough evidence, and your terrible loss becomes another statistic.

Peace Of Mind

If your family or business has experienced a break-in, there will be much hesitation and trauma to work through. Not only have you lost your valuables, but you’ve also lost your sense of security and faith in your community. So, how do you recover from a traumatic experience? It takes time to rebuild after loss, and doing things to reassure your family or staff that they are safe goes a long way. Adding extra security gates, locks and upgrading the alarm system will help to alleviate stress and bring peace of mind. Also, it’s never too late to opt for security cameras around your property, but there are definitive disadvantages when you leave it too late. Security cameras already put you at ease just by having them on your property, and they serve as a deterrent to potential intruders because your home is no longer a soft target. In addition, once the cameras are operational, you feel assured that you are taking every step in protecting your family.

Increase The Value Of Your Property

It takes years of hard work to buy a property and countless hours of labour to make it something to be proud of. You’ve invested your time, energy, and resources, but what do you have to show for it when it’s taken away in an instant? Preserving the integrity of your property takes continual investment, especially in security systems. Any addition to your property raises the value, and in crime hot spots, security systems are essential. Not only do the cameras themselves add to the value of your property, but they also help to safeguard your assets and belongings. Sure, security cameras are not armed soldiers ready to serve and protect, but they sure are the next best thing.

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