One of the Best Web Based Applications for Production Accounting

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Unlike other time card programs, Showbiz SAG Cards are simple to use, can be emailed to providers, and printed out and mailed on site. This program is beneficial for television and film production companies since it automatically calculates overtime, meal penalties, and tough turnaround penalties for production crews. It also allows you to split pay rates across custom jobs. This can help you avoid potential problems with tax returns in the future.

Revolution Entertainment Services can import Showbiz files. Besides media services payroll processing, the company also offers on-site check printing, Direct Deposit, and various reports. With these reports, you can prepare 90 percent of your payroll. These reports can include everything from a single employee to a complete production schedule. The software also lets you generate hourly labor hot costs, which help prepare a production’s monthly or annual budget.

When it comes to media services payroll, Revolution Entertainment Services is a good choice. Its accounting team and dedicated payroll managers have lots of experience in the industry. For example, production may need to pay extra hours for days without a meal period. And because Revolution Entertainment Services can import Showbiz files, it can integrate them into your production’s accounting software. Moreover, the service can also handle worker’s compensation insurance and pay taxes. It can also send the necessary forms for tax season, keeping your production compliant with unions. Finally, the payroll software offers you a customized quote and can help you decide if you should work with the company.

Besides being a reliable media services payroll, Revolution Entertainment Services also provides many benefits. For example, you can easily import Showbiz files into the software or use the direct deposit option. The software also offers various reporting options, including weekly, daily, and box and car reporting. They even have a daily labor hot costs feature, which allows you to calculate 90% of your payroll in a day. They also offer on-site check printing and Direct Deposit for convenience.

Revolution Entertainment Services has the most comprehensive technology stack for film and television projects as a production accounting company. This software helps you save time and money by providing you with accurate tax and social security numbers. For more details on entertainment payroll, visit their website and learn more. The free information provided online by Revolution Entertainment Services is helpful for both you and your production staff. You can also request a demo of their products online. So, make sure you review their product catalog to see how well they work for you.

Revolution Entertainment Services is a production accounting and payroll service specializing in film and TV production. The company also offers in-house and freelance staff health insurance and pension plans. The company’s software is straightforward to use, and it has a variety of advantages that make it the preferred entertainment payroll solution for many businesses. You can also get a free demo of the software by visiting the company’s website. If you need to know more about entertainment payroll, you can call Revolution Entertainment Services.

Revolution Entertainment Services pays in-house staff and provides other services like production accounting. The company also offers numerous proprietary software, Showbiz Budgeting. In addition, it has a dedicated team of entertainment payroll experts and offers frequent webinars on film tax incentives. The firm also provides free information online. Its website is easy to navigate and can help you get the most from the service. There are many benefits to using payroll software, but the cost of these products is not the only one.

Whether you’re working in film or TV, you’ll need a reliable payroll service. A good company will provide you with various tools to help you manage the payroll process. For example, Showbiz Timecards are a popular tool for completing your on-site timecards. They also can print checks, which can be helpful in case of a miscalculated bill. 

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