Rules for Commercial Customs Clearance in The US

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Importing into a country for your business can be tedious if not done correctly following all the rules and regulations. Every country has its own sets of regulations and rules when it comes to imports and exports, and the USA is no different. Customs clearance is probably the most important aspect in starting a new import business in any country. When the shipment is cleared, the shipper will provide valid documentation confirming the payment of all the customs duties and then the shipment can be processed. It is wiser to get a trusted customs broker to help you out with all the documentation process because there are several rules regarding customs clearance in the US and here are a few of them. 

  • Get a trusted customs broker: Well this one is not a rule but a crucial part of your customs clearance. Having a trusted customs broker can help you in many ways. They will help you with all the required documentation needed for the border patrol, with all the fees and tariffs that you have to pay and they can also help you with minimizing overpayments and late fines. They are able to take care of your shipments and will make sure that your product abides by the regulations of the government.
  • Required documents: If you do not have the right documents, then your shipment can get stuck in transit. You need to provide The CBP or US Customs and Border patrol with four major documents to have a seamless transit. These documents are The arrival notice, The house bill of lading (HBL), the packing list, and the commercial invoice of your imports. The arrival notice is a document comprising the details of your shipment to the customs broker, which includes the master bill of lading (MBL), automated manifest system (AMS), Consignee, House of bill lading (HBL), shipper information, freight location, and inland transit number (ITN).
  • Various exams: Imported goods may get randomly selected for examinations before arriving in the country. There are several exams that a product may need to undergo such as the Vacis exam, partial exams, tailgate exams, and intensive exams comprising of Intensive contraband enforcement team exam and Intensive manifest exam. After these, you need to get clearance from the USDA or the United States Department of Agriculture and the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. 

Clearit USA amazon customs brokerage helps with all your customs clearance inquiries and provides you with a safe and reliable import experience. 

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