What does a typical Kajabi membership site look like?

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A Kajabi membership site, like most membership sites, is a website that’s designed to sell you information or provide a service in return for your money. The common theme among these sites is that they give you benefits or content in exchange for your payment. This can include access to digital products/services such as eBooks and courses, health plans and fitness programs, travel offers, and discounts on hotels, flights, etc. If you’ve ever used a membership site, then you’ve probably seen many of the following:

  1. You have to fill in a form to join.
  1. If you enter some personal details, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours stating that your account has been activated. Then, after entering your first payment, you’ll get another email saying that your order has been processed and that they will send out your first email within 72 hours (usually less than 24 hours).
  1. You can log in with a username and password and edit your profile information. You can also manage your subscriptions, which are usually linked to your account.
  1. You can contact the customer service team via email or phone. There may be a FAQ page or search function if you’re struggling for answers, or you may have to wait for your first email from them to arrive (as this will contain all their contact details).
  1. If you purchase a service or product, you’ll often get a confirmation email, and your account will be credited within 24 hours. After that, it usually takes another 24 hours for them to send your order to the supplier (generally less than 48 hours).
  1. You can also use the site to create blogs, make videos, and/or upload images.
  1. There are often other members on the platform who have similar interests to you, so you should be able to find people to connect with and share tips.
  1. When you purchase information or products, they will usually be downloadable into your account so that you can access them whenever you need/want.
  1. Your profile may also feature a news feed so that you can see what’s going on in the members’ area or in the whole industry.

And that’s a general idea of what a membership site looks! It will differ in terms of the content or service you’re buying and how much you pay, but overall, if you can see most of these features on a site, then it’s probably a Kajabi membership site.

But how does this compare to WordPress.org? Well, most WordPress.org membership sites are similar to a Kajabi membership site. This means that they usually come with the same features, like a quick and easy form to sign up, support and customer service in the member’s area, notifications of your orders through email, and access to downloads (once you pay for them) and a newsfeed.

Regarding the huge range of features and services provided by Kajabi, it’s a little more than what you’d find on WordPress.org, so I recommend reading through this article to discover an in-depth look at the services Kajabi provides differ from other membership sites.

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