4 Reasons Why Automated Palletizing is Better 

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As robotic palletizing continues the upward trend in manufacturing for many industries, companies are beginning to recognize its growing importance. Robotic palletizing capabilities are being improved every day, and these benefits can greatly decrease operating costs and unproductive burdens. As a result, warehouse staff can focus their time doing other things to support a more profitable production line. Here are four things to consider about the benefits of automated palletization. A palletizer demo can also be helpful in making a quality decision. 

1. The palletizing process becomes faster.

Robotic automation can assemble a pallet of items faster and more accurate than traditional methods. Some grippers are even capable of loading two bags at a time. The robot’s ability to perform repetitive tasks without stopping also helps save time and improves the quality of the product packed in each pallet. They are capable of palletizing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

2. Palletizing is much safer for your team.

Traditional palletizing methods run the risk of injury from fatigue, strenuous lifting, distraction, and repetitive motion. But with robotic palletization, these safety hazards are greatly reduced, and working conditions are improved. Your staff does not have to waste productivity and injury recovery time from these tedious tasks. You can see how the power of automation does the heaving lifting for you in this handy palletizer demo.

3. Operations use less space.

Technological capabilities are constantly improving as automated palletizing has become a more accepted industrial practice. Today’s robotic models require even less space than they did 15 years ago, freeing up more operational room in the facility for other tasks. They can be programmed to work in tight quarters that would otherwise be too small for conventional equipment systems. What’s more, pallets completed by robotic systems take up 10% less space, which means more room to store your goods ready for shipment. 

4. There’s a smaller carbon footprint.

Robotic palletization systems offer additional advantages with saving energy. They can operate efficiently in a remarkable variety of temperature environments from 39 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, thereby reducing the cost of air conditioning a great deal. And because these systems do not require light to perform their tasks, little lighting is needed in the area they are working in. The required energy to run the machines themselves is typically minimal compared to the return on investment. These factors alone provide significant savings for a company’s energy cost, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. 

It’s likely that the trend of robotic palletizing will continue to improve. Even today, the capabilities of robotic technology are remarkable for pallet packaging. With automated palletization, you can keep your workforce safe, happy, and productive while improving operational cost. It’s truly a win-win solution for your manufacturing facility. 






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