5 Reasons To Get Degaussing And Shredding Services In Singapore

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Businesses are one of the industries that use magnetic storage media for their records and data. And if you are a business owner, you might be familiar with them. You use them on your computer and even the data centre. However, some storage tools are not usable anymore because of their age. Some experts could not access it even if the data is still there. With this, you must protect the data inside it and prevent it from spreading by undergoing HDD degaussing.


You will see people looking for ways to dispose of their storage tools. And sometimes, those who see it pick it up are trying to access it. If they can open it, they look for anything that could be helpful to them. It is when issues in privacy take place. So before you dispose of something, accessible or not, removing the magnetism of the data storage is necessary. You can do it by undergoing hard disk degaussing, and here are other reasons to do it.


The main goal of HDD degaussing services is to remove the data of the storage tool. They do it by extracting the magnetism of the device and ensuring that no one can access or open it. If still accessible, no data is available. It helps businesses with what their tools can do, especially if it needs data protection and security.


Since the service can remove the data, you can guarantee data privacy. Whoever picks up the storage tool could not get anything because it is not there anymore. If your business keeps numerous data and information, getting this service is necessary before you dispose of something.


Aside from degaussing, you can also get shredding services. It is another way to protect data because it destroys the storage tool physically. The company uses a quality shredder that could hold the intensity of the shredding and ensure that it could not be fixable anymore.


These services are cost-efficient, but it could depend on the company. You need to look for one that gives fair pricing yet does the job correctly. Looking for cheap services is okay, but ensuring that they are legitimate and reliable is necessary. Never let yourself become a victim of fake websites.


Once you undergo degaussing and shredding services, there is no turning back. The results are permanent, and nothing is restorable from any of them. Once your data storage undergoes degaussing, you can guarantee that you will not see your files anymore. Also, you have no power to bring those data and information back. For the shredding, its physical damages are enough proof that you cannot patch anything from it.

People need to protect data and information, especially businesses. Be aware of the actions you will do, especially if data about other people is at stake. With this, consider getting HDD degaussing and shredding services in Singapore to avoid issues in data privacy.


Aside from knowing the reasons for getting hard disk degaussing and shredding services, you must also be aware of what to look for in the company. These can guide you in finding a legitimate and reliable one to ensure that you trust the right people. Do not entrust your data storage to those who do not show the following:

<img src=”https://i.ibb.co/XW9hnhp/A-man-talking-to-another-man-They-are-wearing-business-attire-1.png” alt=”A-man-talking-to-another-man-They-are-wearing-business-attire-1″ border=”0″ />


Before you get the services or products of companies online, ensure that you check their background. It is one of the things you can use to see if they are worth your trust or not. Visit it on their website or other pages that promote them. Do not forget to check this if you are looking for HDD degaussing services.


Businesses, no matter how big or small, must have customer service. They are the ones customers need if they have questions about the service or the product. They must be ready to answer questions and provide solutions to problems to give consumers a good experience with them.


Another factor you need to check is their offers. Since you already decided to get either degaussing or shredding services, they might be offering something more. Some of what you can check are IT asset disposition, data centre decommissioning, data destruction, and e-waste recycling.


Another way to contact the company is through the contact details provided on their website. You will commonly see it on the bottom part of the page, and it usually includes a phone number and email address. But, you must check if they are working and available. Some companies put an old number just for the sake of having one.


The electronic waste industry needs people who are knowledgeable enough about hard disk degaussing and shredding. But aside from their skills and knowledge, you also need to look for their licence number. It is another way to ensure that you are trusting the right people.


If you want to confirm that you contacted a legitimate and reliable company, you may check for their office address. You can visit before deciding if you will get their service. The address is on the bottom part of the page with the phone number and email address.


You will know what businesses do and if they are good at it through their certifications. And, it is the same when it comes to degaussing and shredding services. You will see how they take care of their business and reputation. Certifications must include quality, data protection, and health management.

Understanding these factors can guarantee data privacy and security. If you need to protect something in your data storage tools, you know what to do with it and why you should do it. Learn more about degaussing and shredding services in Singapore by visiting the website of MetaloInternational. You can trust them with different services, which concern data protection and destruction, recycling, and more.

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