How do I Know What Heavy & Over Dimensional Haulage Is Best Suited to My Needs?

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It is difficult to transport oversized loads by car, especially when some trucks can’t even get it done. This is certainly true when you have to transport heavy loads between states as the process is more difficult than it appears. Besides the vehicle, you should also know how to secure the load and be aware of the road rules to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Getting oversized hauls to their destination can be challenging. That’s why hiring a team of professionals from a reputable company is essential. The process is more than simply loading and securing a load in a vehicle. For instance, you must pay attention to the load dimensions to avoid being stopped and fined by the authorities. When it comes to logistics or transporting oversized goods carefully around Australia, ODLS is an industry leader that you can rely on.

Across the country, road haulage vehicles transport everything from essential everyday items to heavy machinery and dangerous loads. These industries are the backbone of logistics and freight forwarding and our world would look quite different without them. Having the right vehicle can mean the difference between a profitable or unsuccessful operation.

In Australia, there are several types of road haulages. Artics, also known as articulated lorries, are the vehicle of choice for many large-scale road haulage companies. When haulage firms decide what to do with the Artic, they then combine them with a trailer. There are a wide variety of trailers available for every cargo, starting with flatbed trailers. It’s an open platform without a roof or sides, so goods are left exposed to the elements, and thus a higher risk of theft. However, these vehicles generally transport odd-shaped loads, such as machinery or building supplies so theft is unlikely.

A less versatile, but more secure option is a box trailer. Since the sides do not open, these trucks are ideal for items that need extra security. It is possible to double up both the curt insiders and box trailers to form a road train. A giant trailer can be made by attaching one to another and can haul tons of items. Whenever time is tight and mass delivery is important, they’re perfect. The length however, makes them unsuited for city driving or rural roads.

For freight forwarding companies that handle ocean shipping, swap body systems are ideal. Designed to carry standard sized cargo containers, it can transfer loads quickly and efficiently from the truck to the ground. On the other end of the scale are low-loaders, which are used to transport smaller vehicles. They are closer to the ground for easier loading.

Road haulage companies have a wide range of options. There are also vans and trucks that work in logistics, but Artics continue to be popular. In the end, it’s only experienced professionals like ODLS who can recommend the best haulage for your transport needs. Their consideration is based on a range of factors such as the loads, distance and road conditions your project has to account for. By having the right vehicles, you can make your work easier, reduce lead times, and provide a more reliable service.

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