6 Exciting Retail Pop-Ups That Won Us Over In 2023

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With the high street striving toward a more experience-focused shopping experience, brands across the world are hosting an increasing number of pop-up shops. These limited-time events come in a number of forms, from brand collaborations to high street takeovers, all of which can potentially generate a remarkable amount of buzz both online and offline. 

Successful retail pop-ups not only market and sell products effectively but they also extend brand reach, promoting a sense of popularity, which is why a great number of retailers and brands put in considerable efforts to such limited-time events. Some will entirely redesign spaces with immersive aesthetics while others will curate each detail of the space, utilising bespoke retail furniture and slatwall installation service options to ensure that everything, from mannequins to checkout counters are on point.

The rewards of such endeavours are often best exemplified by the queues that certain events create, with certain pop-ups creating hour-long queues that, in turn, lead more people to join in on the exclusive experience. 

2023 has seen a number of amazing pop-ups take place and, before we look forward to another year of exciting brand events, we’re reflecting on the pop-ups that won us over this year.

Pokemon Centre

The Pokemon Centre has popped up in London previously, as with other major international cities, but in 2023 the hype surrounding its appearance was greater than ever. In addition to limited edition Pokemon cards and products, the April event also saw a number of Pokemon Go events take place too, bringing both online and offline customers to the shop space.


Certainly one of the most elegant pop-ups to occur this year, Dior’s Tears collaboration was an impressive experience, one that brought together the vision of Kim Jones, Dior’s artistic director, and Tremaine Emory’s Denim Tears. The immersive experience was styled around a living room, inviting customers to not only shop but also to revel in a world of mid-century America.

Kidswear Collective

Chelsea became home to preloved childrenswear this year, with an eye-opening pop-up event that showcased the impact of fast fashion associated with children’s clothing from the online brand, Kidswear Collective. This bespoke event demonstrated that buying clothing for little ones can be both stylish and environmentally friendly. 

Ninety Percent

Another great example of online brands bringing their wares to the offline world was found in Ninety Percent’s pop-up at Harrods this year. The brand is also known for their remarkable sustainability endeavours and, as the name suggests, they donate 90% of their profits to those who create their clothing. While relatively plain-looking in its design, the pop-up generated a significant amount of attention, bringing the discussion of sustainability in fashion to the forefront of the shopping experience.


Manchester was the city H&M chose to trial its new shop design with a brief pop-up. The store embraced modern high street trends, with an array of self-service options and click-and-collect lockers, meaning that customers were almost entirely autonomous, with staff focussing solely on creating a positive and presentable retail space.


Underwear designers, Lounge, created one of the most elaborate and indulgent pop-up experiences, with a retail space that hosted a number of exciting activities. Alongside live DJs and guest speakers, Lounge put together salon experiences and bespoke fitting sessions, all of which took place among neon-drenched velvet interiors and lasted long into the night.

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