Advantages to flame retardant fabric in a healthcare setting

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A flame retardant fabric is designed to be material that can withstand flames, to resist ignition, and to limit the spread of flames during a fire. It is also designed to self-extinguish once the original source of the heat and/or flames has been removed. These types of fabric are important within many different sectors and settings, especially within healthcare technologies, where it is important to put the safety of patients and staff at the very top of the list of priorities. Working with suppliers of flame retardant fabric for use within many applications such as PPE and healthcare mattresses provides a very important function within healthcare settings.

Flame resistant fabrics in clothing are used in many different industries to help keep people safe. You see clothing made from flame retardant fabrics in the oil and gas industry, construction, the military, and similar industries where there is protection required from heat, sparks, and other potential hazards involving fire and heat. You also see fire resistant materials used within healthcare settings, offering extra layers of protection for patients and hospital staff alike amongst a broad range of applications and healthcare technologies.

The benefits of flame retardant fabric are simple and straightforward. 

  • Protect against fire hazards

This is the biggest reason why flame retardant fabrics are used anywhere, to provide critical protection against fire hazards. They are designed to offer protection against flames, prevent the spread of fire, and to self-extinguish, significantly reducing the risk of severe burns and injuries caused by fire.

  • Workplace safety

In a healthcare setting it is important to have strict levels of workplace safety. Flame retardant fabric can be used in a whole host of healthcare clothing and applications to helps prevent the spread of fire in an emergency situation, providing the highest standards of workplace safety available. 

  • Safety compliance

Strict health and safety regulations are present in every workplace, and it is important that these are met and upheld within any workplace. Utilising flame resistant fabrics within healthcare technologies allows workers to feel safe and to minimise the risk of fire hazards within a healthcare setting.

  • Longevity and performance

Flame resistant fabrics are designed to withstand the very harshest of conditions, and this means that they are manufactured to last. Durability is important in the fast-paced world of a hospital or other medical setting. Peace of mind that certain fabrics, mattress toppers, curtains, and other healthcare applications that can be used multiple times, are safe, is important to the wellbeing of everyone.

If you work in the healthcare sector and are responsible for the provision of mattresses, personal protective equipment and other materials that are used within everyday tasks, it is vital that you have a trusted supplier to work with. There are many advantages to the use of flame retardant fabric within a healthcare setting, with the health and safety of staff and patients a primary concern, of course. Knowing that you have access to the highest quality flame retardant fabric for use within your healthcare technologies, goes a long way to providing peace of mind and to set and maintain high and consistent standards to match the needs of your patients and those in your care.

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