COVID-19 Lockdown – 3 Best Massage Chairs can Help You Relieve Stress And Anxiety At Home

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The Coronavirus is more than a terrible pandemic virus. Everyone is on edge for days and weeks due to social distancing and mandatory stay-at-home orders. There is no better time than now to buy a massage chair online and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. The Modern Back, an online retailer that sells full-body zero gravity massage chairs, has a wide selection at very affordable prices.

When buying a massage chair to use in your home, the first thing you should do is learn all about massage chairs. For instance, 2D rollers have rollers that move up/down and side-to-side. 3D massage rollers can go up/down and side-to-side. However, they also offer deeper massage. 4D Rollers are less mechanical and offer more human-like movements and techniques. The rollers on the S-track massage chair start at the top and travel down to the bottom. The L-track massage chair rollers like the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair, on the other hand, start at your neck and travel down to your glutes.

The Modern Back has a selection of the most popular massage chairs online currently on sale.

The Infinity Smart Chair massage chair has true inversion therapy, which allows for a great decompression stretch. You can control the Infinity Smart Chair X3 using an Android or iOS app. The Smart Chair X3 features include Bluetooth speakers, body scan technology, and lumbar heat. It also has seat sway massage, air neck massaging, and foot rollers. The Infinity Smart Chair X3 offers the best inversion therapy and all the bells and whistles.

Osaki OS Hiro LT is a 3D L-track massage chair that ranks among the best on the market. This massage chair was created by Titan in 2019. The Osaki OS 3D Hiro LT features the most recent in massage chair technology. It has a tri-core processor that allows the Hiro quickly to execute massage chair commands. Hiro’s Japanese-made brushless motors are quieter and more durable than regular massage chair motors. Hiro’s SL track design offers a full range of roller massages, including the glutes and upper hamstrings.

The JPMedics Kumo massage chair stands out among 4D L track massage chairs. The Kumo chair has a beautiful stitch design that adds a rich look to any home. The 2-stage zero gravity design provides the best in comfort and helps to lower stress levels, blood pressure, and improve blood flow. Kumo offers 12 massage programs including stretch, heated rollers, spot massage programs, touch-screen remote, Chromotherapy, and foot rollers.

The Modern Back, bricks and clicks massage chair shop located in Sarasota FL is called “The Modern Back”. Visit their Florida showroom to view their massage chairs or go online. The Modern Back’s friendly and highly trained staff is available to answer any questions about massage chairs. You can get your massage chair delivered free to your doorstep, and tax-free shopping (except Florida). They also offer 0% financing for up to 36 months. You can visit them online at


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