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The idea of purchasing luxury furniture in Singapore can be daunting for first-timers. They immediately think of sales personnel who will never bat an eye alongside an intimidating retail space only for the select few. In short, they have this notion that it is not for them.

Here is a piece of good news: Do not deny yourself a designer console table or a sideboard in Singapore because anyone is free to purchase these pieces. You deserve it more than you do.

If this interests you, explore this article to learn what to expect before, during, and after purchasing luxury furniture.


These two words are not supposed to drive you away because of how you immediately think of exclusivity. In its simplicity, luxury furniture is a collection of pieces that pack all the best things in life. It can range from a unique design to exquisite craftsmanship that pays attention to details. Most of them will surely catch your attention as a buyer who wants only the best.

The second point is they also offer longevity that inferior pieces do not. Suppose a low-quality cheap table that often breaks down in the middle of things. The tendency is to constantly replace them until you realise these things made you waste money. Imagine buying a bespoke glass coffee table in Singapore that lasts a lifetime.



You don’t ask this question. Why? Everyone deserves the best pieces from a luxury furniture retailer in Singapore!

Here are the selling points of these pieces that are compelling enough to convince people:

  1. They last ages. Not technically, but they last long enough for your descendants to inherit them alongside your home. A sideboard in Singapore packing stories from generations of your family is valuable.
  2. Luxury furniture retailers are reliable for everyone. They offer flexible warranty programs and dedicate their expertise to crafting exceptional pieces.
  3. Designer pieces minimise the challenges of constantly replacing inferior quality items. Instead of buying a console table every year, a luxury piece lasts more than that.
  4. Look at the details, and you will notice how these curators take their craft seriously. That alone is a compelling reason for you to go with luxury furniture instead of a collection of low-quality ones.
  5. For some people, less is more. You can consider this design language for your home.



People can shop for consumer goods online to minimise travel time outside their homes. It is also a manifestation of how technology is constantly improving our lifestyles. Regarding luxury furniture in Singapore, a few retailers have limitations, such as shipping coverage, because these are not the average consumer goods you receive in a mailbox.

Of course, physical retail spaces are still a thing for luxury furniture brands. They use it as a marketing tactic to present their branding, show off their latest collections, and even sell an experience that clients will never forget. It also helps their presence at a company because some people still prefer strolling around malls and other commercial spaces.



You are probably intimidated by the opulent feel of the website or retail space. Another would be the feeling of confusion because you are nervous about making a mistake or something that goes against the rules of shopping for luxury furniture in Singapore. Look no further as here are some tips and tricks on what to expect.


You are probably an excited homeowner about to have their first home and looking for a hallway console table to add character. Or someone considering furnishing an ageing home with the most stylish sideboard or glass coffee table in Singapore. Do these things:

  1. Intimidation is out of the question when shopping for luxury furniture. When visiting a retail space, be confident and not feel awkward because sales personnel do not judge people based on their appearance alone.
  2. Let us say you want a console table for your living room. You can look for inspiration online by searching images and other media before visiting a retailer.
  3. Do not dwell on things or get overboard in preparing because going to a luxury furniturestore does not require anything as long as you are respectful.
  4. Online shoppers should look for reliable retailers. Be wary of scammers and phishing sites, and make sure it is the original luxury furniturebrand you have in mind.


We’re now at the exciting part or the time where clients shop for the hallway console table or glass coffee table of their dreams. In this stage, make sure you do things correctly because you would not want to take the wrong product home. Another would be the ownership instructions you might need to keep in mind.

  1. Luxury furnitureretail spaces can be intimidating for the first-timer. However, there is no reason for you to feel this way because sales personnel are friendly despite looking aloof or distant.
  2. Do not hesitate to approach them for questions and clarifications. If the price tag is unclear, ask for it, they would not judge you for it because they probably see a hundred people in a day.
  3. If choosing between two pieces, for example, sideboard cabinets in Singapore, compare them alongside each other. You can also ask the sales representative.


You are probably excited to take a designer glass coffee table or a hallway console table with you on the way home. No one can blame you because getting luxury furniture is a unique experience that everyone must try.

  1. Since you must have done careful planning, everything must fit nicely in whatever place you have decided.
  2. Keep in touch with the luxury furniture sales representative. Forging lasting relationships is an integral part of their services.
  3. If you went with the online route, wait for the delivery and expect personnel to arrange things for you. They can also offer free assembly in case the piece requires it.
  4. You can always buy from them again. Are you thinking of a second hallway console table? Get something that improves the character of your interior.

Snow Globe Pte Ltd is a luxury furniture store in Singapore that offers distinctive pieces that cater to the person with an attention to detail. To experience this lifestyle, visit their website to learn more.

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