Effectiveness and suitability of Magnesium valproate in patients with partial epilepsy:

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Human body is very complex structure and so as our brain. We never know, when it creates an obstacle in the functioning. One such illness is epilepsy. It is such a disease which causes seizure in brain by making its functions abnormal. The human can’t act in the correct way and looses the control over the behaviour. It is a central nervous system (neurological) disorder.

It affects the body and it may lead to have effects in the future also. It affects the control of body, frequent shocks, blank stares. Two more seizures are considered as epilepsy. One shock of seizure may cause an adverse effect on the nervous system and the functioning of brain.

Seizure can be of various types. It can be partial or it can have life – long effects. The symptoms of it may vary from person to person. Some stare at one point blankly for a longer period of time. Some may move their legs and hands in different directions.

Treatment of seizure can be done with the help of medication or surgery. Having a seizure only once, can’t be considered as epilepsy. Two or more seizures are considered as epilepsy. Some people need life-long

Treatment of epilepsy and some patients get better with the help of medication.

One such monotherapy treatment is using Magnesium Valproate. It is given to patients with partial epilepsy. It is given with regular dosages and gets minimized over a period of time if the patient is seen normal but it can’t be stopped immediately. Today we will explore the path of using this medication and its effectiveness and suitability to patients.

Before we enhance our knowledge, we need to identify what is partial epilepsy and its symptoms.

Partial seizure occurs when a small area of brain gets affected due to some electrical activity. It affects the senses and the automatically controlled functions. It also causes psychic systems affecting the feelings and thoughts. It leads to tightening of muscles, unusual head movements, numbness, tingling, blank stares, nausea, sweating, flushed face.

Treatment with the help of Magnesium Valproate

Magnesium Valproate is the drug, given to treat the patient of seizures. It is a convulsant drug used to control seizures. These seizures are of various forms. Same medicine and the same quantum of dosages can’t be prescribed to every seizure case. Studies suggest that magnesium valproate is an effective monotherapy medication in case of partial epilepsy.

Partial epilepsy can be treated with short term and long-time medication. Magnesium valproate is safe to use. Medication and dosages may vary from patient to patient. It controls the seizure by balancing the brain nerves and minimizes the frequency of shocks.

Magnesium Valproate prevents clonic, tonic, atonic or secondarily seizure. Valproate plasma concentration causes reduction in the seizure by giving safe prevention. Every drug may have some effects but it depends on the biology of a patient. This medicine can be given according to the doctor’s advice so as to have less side effects. Studies show that 4.3 % of patients are detected with the side effects of the drug. It can be controlled over a period of time by gradually minimizing the dosages or by changing the medications.

Instructions while medication is in the process:

  • The dosages should not be stopped immediately in case of any side effects.
  • The dosages should be taken regularly without missing a single dose.
  • The doctor’s advice is very crucial when the treatment is going on.
  • The dosages should not be increased or decreased without doctor’s advice.
  • Don’t drive in case you feel dizzy or sleepy.
  • Have an observation and be alert in case of any side effects.

Take Away

Magnesium Valproate is a medication given to patients suffering from seizure or epilepsy. The treatment of epilepsy differs with every case. There are patients who suffer from partial or generalised epilepsy. Magnesium Valproate is the medication which is used in monotherapy to control seizure. It has some side effects but  the chances of serious side effects are very less. One can not cure epilepsy completely but we can have less effects of epilepsy with the help of this medication.

This drug is available only with doctor’s prescription. This drug is taken only under doctor’s observation. It was observed that magnesium valproate is given to epilepsy patients with newly detected epilepsy or generalised epilepsy. It can be used to treat previous case of epilepsy or seizure.  The regular and exact dosages are very important to have its effectiveness. We hope that this article must be a source of information to give you a desired knowledge. We are always looking forward to serve our readers with the best content. Give your feedback here in suggestion box. Keep on reading and exploring with us.

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