Everything You Need to Stand Out on the High Street

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As retailers begin to once again open their doors and welcome shoppers back, a number of stores are going the extra mile to ensure that their storefront is eye-catching and appealing. No longer are retailers solely competing with each other but they are seeking to lure customers away from internet sales, which have been extremely popular during the health crisis, as well as quelling concerns of safety and social distancing. As a result, competition has become quite fierce and those who fail to make an appropriate effort are set to fall behind.

To help navigate this new retail environment and ensure your store’s success, we have put together a concise guide, covering everything you need to know on how to stand out on the high street.

Pop-Up Your Concept

Pop-up events are limited-time special events that allow retailers to showcase their products and services at new locations or in-store. These events are often experiential, meaning that they allow customers to experience the product that they are interested in. This could be a make-over event to promote beauty products or a cookery demonstration to showcase kitchenware. Hosting such events can help you to seize the attention of not only your regular customers but passersby who are intrigued by their curiosity. 

Permissions are often required to extend your store’s space onto pedestrianised areas, however, there is great leniency for these applications currently as the government looks to promote financial recovery within the hospitality and retail sectors.

Advertise Your Brand

Eye-grabbing merchandising and displays are as important as ever. No longer can your windows be an afterthought, second to internal store aesthetics. Instead, your shop facade should be at the top of your to-do list, ensuring that your brand presence is asserted across the high street with confident posters and flyers, as well as creative mannequin arrangements.

Advertisements and information should be given due consideration too, ensuring that they are both clean and bold, drawing customer attention without creating confusion. Take extra care when displaying advertorial merchandise, browsing available premium stand offs and sign fittings in the UK to achieve the best possible displays.

Create Bargains

Sales have a number of advantages. Primarily, they excite customers and help to draw shoppers into a store, creating new sales opportunities with the potential to also sell non-sale items too. It is a form of advertising that continues to be popular among retailers small and large.

Other benefits include the quick shift of stock, which can be incredibly useful for alleviating storage and clearing a shop floor before the arrival of new merchandise or installation of new retail furniture and shelving.

Motivated Staff

Having a dedicated sales team who are enthusiastic about your product or service is invaluable, giving your store the potential to both draw shoppers in and create a culture of loyalty among those who support your brand. Be sure to review your team morale regularly, as well as individual familiarity and expertise with products, so that this comfort of knowledge is passed directly onto your customers.

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