How To Become a Millionaire With YouTube? The 5 Steps

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A local businessman from a restaurant or someone earning through the internet, nobody becomes a millionaire overnight. It demands consistent efforts, a whole lot of patience, and persistence. But Youtube has helped some intelligent hustlers to become a millionaire with comparatively less effort. With over two billion videos being watched per day, it is a rapidly growing platform.

Youtube and AdSense are undoubtedly profitable and steady income sources, but how can you make the most from them? The most important tool is to have a strategy and proper guidance. 90% of the new millionaires are Internet millionaires, and Youtube has a significant role in that, with thousands of creators already breaking the million barrier.

In this article from Forbes with the top 10 highest paid YouTubers, you can see that some earn tremendous figures, up to 20 milion dollars per year from Adsense alone.

Let’s break this journey into Five simple steps and discuss each of them:

  1. Start with your Best

Before starting, it is crucial to have a solid idea about what you’re getting into. Then, find the content of your desire, what you wish to provide like blogging, humor, entertainment, tutorials, “how-to,” some professional course, education, etc. There is a vast variety to choose from. The key is to find your interest or your specialization that way, it becomes fun for you.

Once decided, start researching your subject before starting. It is better to have some grip on the content. You can take some ideas from those already in business. It will be beneficial for you to see the outcome of a particular experiment and frame a bigger picture of the things.

  1. AdSense: The Sense of Earning

Once started, keep posting regular and exciting content to attract viewers and get some better watch hours. The next step is to connect your Youtube account to AdSense. AdSense works on its algorithms in partnership with Youtube to provide ads on your videos. You get paid according to the ads shown and watch time of those ads on your channel.

The earning from AdSense depends on many factors like view count, watch hours, etc. So it is essential to upload quality content with maximum reach regularly. You can experiment and explore all you want as long as they make more views and watch hours for you. IF you don’t know how to connect your Youtube to your AdSense, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Youtube Studio
  2. Then, choose the Monetization tab available on the left menu.
  3. Click on the START option and then choose the Sign up for Google AdSense option.
  4. Choose your Google account and provide the basic info and then Submit. It’s done.

Pro tip: if you wanna start making money immediately and do not wait until you get approved, you can buy a channel with monetization. Lenos has currently the best price to quality product, and you can get it here.

  1. Coming to the Limelight

Establishing your name will on Youtube ultimately open doors to earning way more than you can imagine. Therefore to conqueror your dream, it is essential to have some solid grounds on Youtube. Your name and fame are going to bring more endorsements and promotion offers.

You can start covering the hot niches in your videos and spice things up. Use all your resources and give your best output. Invest more in your equipment to deliver the best. All this will add up to grow your channel at a pace.

  1. Promoting a Product

This is a simple way to make some serious money for those already established on this platform. And, if properly done, will make you one million on YouTube much faster than with Adsense, so you should integrate both strategies.

You can now approach various beauty, fashion, health-care brands, or any of your choice and collaborate with them in your videos. This is a win-win situation as you will continue to have more fans, more money from AdSense, and some extra earnings from the brand you promote.

 However, it is suggested to choose the product you are promoting precisely as there is no sense in promoting a product that no one is looking at on Youtube. Then, you can search for that product or subject and check whether it is popular or not.

  1. Brand Endorsement

it is more like product endorsement, but here you are endorsing a brand that involves more effort and is more rewarding. For example, if you are a fitness freak, you can endorse a nutrition o supplement brand and start using their products in your videos.

The big gig of brand endorsement is that once you’ve established yourself on Youtube, you can now start your brands, and you’ll have yourself as the ambassador. It is a lot easier to sell once you have fame with your name. This is by far the fastest way of reaching your goal of being a millionaire.

In drawing to a close, these are some of the basics to earn more Youtube. So quip yourself with this information, start hustling, and don’t stop until you’re Millionaire.

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