Is It Safe to Use Bitcoin

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When it comes to online transactions, the first thing you are concerned about is your personal safety and security. No one wants to lose the money, that’s obvious. And when you exploit your debit or credit cards for any kind of financial operation on the Internet, you become an easy target for hackers and scammers. The thing is that there are plenty of personal details linked to your bank cards that can easily be stolen.

This is why they recommend using crypto wallets for enhanced safety. Yet, many experts claim that even with Bitcoin transactions you cannot be hundreds of percent sure your money or personal info is not to be stolen.

Threats from the Internet

When you process financial operations with Bitcoin, you reveal no more than your wallet number. This info doesn’t help hackers in any way with their fraudulent intentions. Still, if you don’t use a crypto mixer, like BitMix, alongside you risk having your personal or financial data stolen.

When you pass any KYC verification processes or provide your e-mail address at the platform where you perform payments with bitcoins, you get immediately under threat. The hackers can link all your personal data to your payment method, track the blockchain and steal your info and money with no hurdles. So, ‘bare’ bitcoin transactions don’t seem to be completely safe anymore.

Helpful Solution

The best current solution is to use a crypto mixer and make your operations untraceable. Once you mix your coins with the deposits of other users and get a completely random set, the hacker won’t be able to trace your operation to your wallet and put hands on your money or personal data. Care about your safety and security with reliable services and process through financial operations with no obstacles.


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