Is Remote Online Notarization beneficial?

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Notarization of documents is a tedious and time-consuming task. Thanks to the technological alternative to the physical notarizing procedures, have several benefits. The use of digital signature, digital certificate, and audio-video technology enables one to conduct the notarization sessions over the internet rather than in person. More and more notary offices and notary personnel in the USA are adopting and conducting e-notarization.

A safer process

Nothing seems safer than notarizing documents from the convenience of one’s home or office. The virtual RON (Remote Online Notarization) platform enables one to notarize documents from anywhere, anytime and using any device. This is one of the foremost reasons why more and more people are considering the RON platform. One doesn’t have to be concerned about visiting foreign locations, meeting clients, and getting documents notarized.

More efficient

The best part about the remote online notarization procedure is that it can be conducted safely and comfortably in the Notary Public’s home. The RON platform can cover distances as far as the state’s borders. One has to look out for the rules and regulations of the concerned states and complete the process efficiently without wasting time. Furthermore, no travel time indicates that more documents can be notarized in a day.

Speed up the process

Since every step is digitized, one can get things signed, notarized, and emailed all at once 0n the same day. Furthermore, the documents can be easily stored, filed, and even searched without hassles on any device whenever required to recall any data. It won’t be wrong to mention that the RON platform allows for speeding up the entire e-notarization process. This also means that the remote notarization of documents is faster and more efficient than executing the same physically.

Eliminate the use of paper

The concept of online and remote notarization has wholly digitized the notarization process. This indicates no more use of paper, printing, and even postal services. The use of piles of papers, courier bags, and countless ink cartridges are all matters of the past. This also allows a reduction in operating costs, allowing some significant amount of savings. When the operating expense of a business is curtailed, every penny saved can make a huge difference. Thus, it won’t be wrong to mention that the online remote notarization process promotes eco-friendly practices and reduces carbon footprints.

More secured process

One of the benefits of the RON platform is that it is as secure as the physical process. Some experts believe that remote notarization of documents is a better and more secure procedure than the physical one. This is because using digital signing, digital certificates, credential analysis, identity proofing, etc., enables one to safeguard against identity fraud. The online process promotes transparency between the parties taking part. The most important aspect is that the entire session gets recorded. Therefore, there is no scope for any fraud.


From the above-mentioned analysis, it is clear that e-notarization benefits all. People can reap all the advantages of the RON platform, which is efficient, secure, and less time-consuming. The presence of a digital signature and a digital certificate doesn’t give scope for any fraud.




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