Key Aspects To Look Out For In A RON Platform

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Advanced technology is used every day to make transactions more convenient and quicker. With RON (remote online notarization), one can enjoy more security, and better recording, which are highlighting features in a rapidly growing sector. Anyone with a computer and internet connection can get documents signed and notarized online. The seamless digital experience of notary services online sets it apart. While looking for a RON platform, there are multiple aspects to consider.


Before getting involved with a dedicated RON platform, it is always recommended to evaluate and carry out thorough research. One can seek answers to the following questions and be sure of the remote online notarization platform he/she opts for.

  • Are the directions mentioned clear, and user-friendly?
  • How can a user transfer the platform from mobile to desktop, or vice-versa?
  • What is the time taken to notarize the documents online?
  • Are notaries available 24*7, or on demand?

The above-mentioned are some of the questions about the working mechanism of the platform. Such user-experience elements are necessary to be evaluated before considering a RON platform.

Technical potential

Mobile phones, computers, or tablets might be used to connect with the notaries online. It is important to understand that all services don’t work on all platforms. The technical aspect is important as the whole process o document notarization, and signing is held online. A user wants to choose a RON platform that can offer the most seamless digital experience. Thus, the technical capabilities of remote notary services online must be considered seriously.

Rules and regulations of different states

Every state imposes different rules and regulations for online notarization. Thus, it is vital to evaluate the services seriously as per the needs of the business. The rules and policies might be different in every state, but the process is more or less the same, regardless of the RON platform chosen. There is a list of policies and regulations that the states might abide by. A well-structured, and robust RON platform includes all the rules and assures compliance with state and Federal laws.

Well-defined security and storage facility

When compared to physical notary transactions, RON platforms are safer and more secure. When a good provider is involved, one can get hold of the technical details that includes information on the tamper-evident seal to identify changes in notarized documents and have access to every notarization session recording. It is necessary to find out a RON platform that enables encrypted transmission and storage of notarized documents.


Everyone wants to seek the benefits of modern and advanced technology that execute tasks efficiently and seamlessly. With 24*7 access to notaries, and easy portability across mobile devices, and computers, the notary services online can make businesses function more safely and securely. Availability is one of the main challenges of the in-person, or physical notary processes. On the contrary, the online notary platform assures business keeps functioning even outside conventional business hours. The advanced audio-video technology and strong identity authentication ad verification tools make the RON platform a practical option.

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