Printable and non-printable holographic vinyl films

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Rainbow printable holographic vinyl is a very good choice as an album cover or product packaging. Both printable and non-printable holographic vinyl films are great for creating complex designs and patterns. On the other hand, printable holographic vinyl is great for projects that require a simpler and easier-to-use design.

Both types of vinyl printing can be used for a variety of applications, but they each have advantages. If you’re not sure which type of vinyl printing is best for your project, it’s worth considering both options and seeing which provides the best results.

Difference Between Printable and Non-Printable Holographic vinyl films

In fact, in terms of appearance, there is no difference in the surface of the two holographic vinyl films. The surface is all holographic iridescent, it will usually have different colors under the refraction of sunlight, holographic vinyl as a packaging material will be more beautiful than other color packaging materials.

However, there are some important differences between these two types of records that should be considered before making a decision. First, printable holographic vinyl has an extra printable layer on the surface that supports most oil-based prints on the market. And the printing effect is very clear, which can meet the needs of customers with diverse appearance needs, and the customization of printing patterns will make the products unique.

How to choose the printable holographic vinyl film


Printable rainbow holographic vinyl is a popular choice for vinyl projects, so there may be a slight difference in price. If the demand for customization is not strong, then you can choose relatively cheap holographic vinyl film products.

If you are considering starting a holographic vinyl project, visit here are some important decisions.

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