Promoting personal links: 5 indisputable advantages for you

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Personal links are one of the most traditional digital marketing strategies on the market. For years, promoting personal links have helped companies and individuals be found by their customers on Google searches and on thousands of sites affiliated with Ad Sense, the advertising service offered by Google. Despite being such a popular strategy, even today many entrepreneurs are afraid to invest in promoting personal links. Still not sure that personal links are worth investing in? So you are in the right place. Here are the top 5 reasons to bet on this strategy.

Increase your company’s visibility

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a personal link strategy is the online visibility that this strategy provides to your company. It is because, besides the possibility of appearing in searches whenever a customer searches for your products and services on Google, you can guarantee your presence on thousands of sites and blogs that talk about topics related to your business. It will help in your personal branding strategy, making your brand better known and stronger in the market.

Personal links guarantee greater flexibility

Even if you carefully plan the creation of the ads and the entire execution of the strategy, it is normal that there is a need for adjustments to increase the efficiency of your promotional campaigns. Unlike what happens in other digital marketing strategies, with personal links you can make adjustments to your campaign whenever necessary, without affecting the results and the progress of your strategy.

Enables faster results

SEO is a website optimization strategy, very useful to make your page appear in Google searches, but it generates results in the medium and long terms. With personal links it is different – right after the creation of the ad your company starts to appear in the search results, allowing Google users to access your site.

Offers several targeting options

Another advantage of investing in personal links is the various targeting options that will be available to you at the time of creating the advertisement. Besides defining the keywords used to activate your ad, you can also define the regions where it will be viewed, the specific times and even the types of browsers used by the customer. It will allow you to reach the right audience through campaigns, increasing the efficiency of your strategy.

Measure all the results of your strategy

As if all the benefits we have already mentioned in this post were not enough, when creating an ad through the Google Ad Words tool you will have access to various information about the performance of your campaigns and will be able to closely monitor all the results achieved in your strategy. You will have access to several performance indicators essential for the safe management of strategies.


With this information, you will know which ads are generating good results and which need to be adjusted, which is essential for your company to guarantee a better return on investment in the promotional actions you carry out. And if you still have doubts about the advantages of investing in personal links, it is time to consult with an expert. 

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