Insights Based on Real Data That Will Increase Your Online Shop’s Conversion Rate

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About half of the expansion in retail sales may be attributed to the advent of e-commerce. In 2018, shoppers spent an estimated $517.36 billion at online stores. Despite this success, the average conversion rate for an online store is only 5%. The internet retail industry has a low barrier to entry. Therefore, the popularity of internet shopping has increased faster than customers’ willingness to spend money on it. Conversion rate optimisation is more crucial than ever for online retailers looking to stay ahead of the pack.

In addition, visitors to e-commerce sites often do not intend to make a purchase, but rather to do some research. Even if they are physically present at a brick-and-mortar shop, many consumers may consult online price comparison sites before making a final purchase decision. In fact, 72% of shoppers do online research before visiting a business. Almost two-thirds of customers say they use their smartphones in-store to compare prices.

People that spend a lot of time online are a fantastic target market for your eCommerce business. Converting more of your site’s visitors into paying customers requires increasing your site’s conversion rate. These twenty conversion rate optimisation tips for e-commerce may help you increase sales. Here you will know the tips to increase ecommerce conversion rate.

Just what does it imply when we talk about a “ecommerce conversion rate”?

A website’s conversion rate is defined as the percentage of visits that result in a sale. The following calculation will give you the rate of conversion.

If you get 1,000 visitors to visit your website and 20 of them buy something:

Between one and four percent is the average conversion rate throughout all of e-commerce. Increasing your online store’s conversion rate by only 1% or 2% might double your income.

The Best Ways to Boost Your Online Store’s Conversion Rate

Taking steps before, during, and after a customer’s visit to your website may increase the number of purchases they make. If you want to improve your conversion rate and bottom line, here are 20 actionable ideas backed by data.

Get going before anyone even visit your website

You may start working to improve your website’s conversion rate even before a potential customer visits your site. If you want more of your ideal customers to buy from you before they ever see your product pages, consider these suggestions.

Make sure the language used in your ads and on your website is consistent

The Rule of 7 is a tried and true marketing method that has been around since far before the days of the internet. The notion states that a client has to be exposed to an advertising a minimum of seven times for the message to sink in. It’s probable that in today’s crowded digital industry, you’ll need to use a wider array of paid advertising methods to get in touch with customers considerably more often than this.


The chances of a prospective consumer making a purchase from your shop improve dramatically while they are browsing your website while carrying a coupon. Distribute your coupons on group buying websites like Woot! and Groupon. It’s possible that a company’s sales data might benefit from the use of discount codes and coupons. BigCommerce has now issued a great introduction on how to enhance sales via the usage of coupons.

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