Tips For Effective Communications Monitoring During The Pandemic

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As lockdown measures were implemented during the pandemic, many workplaces worldwide had to change their usual work setup. Many employees from several industries like the financial industry’s traders, bankers, and wealth managers work from their own homes nowadays. In line with this, firms must know effective call monitoring solutions that comply with different data protection laws.

Document which Communication Platforms the Employees Are Using

Companies can find out what devices and platforms their employees are using to contact their clients as they work remotely. They could also have a say on devices and channels that abide by company rules to make recordkeeping much easier.

Increase Surveillance on Employee Communications

Companies can also review communication among the employees through monitoring and other recording solutions to retain business-related exchanging of information. It is essential to check the employees’ chats and calls to avoid the risk of not complying with data protection regulations and company policies.

Update Key Terms for eDiscovery and Communications monitoring

Companies also need to effectively update and re-assess their key terms and phrases when checking for compliance issues to capture the complete picture of conversations.

Use a Reliable Mobile Archiver

It would help companies to invest in reliable archiving solutions that could effectively monitor text messages, record voice calls, and retain conversations from messaging apps they use.

If you’re looking for more details on tips for effective communications monitoring during the pandemic, look at the infographic by TeleMessage.


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