Top Web Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

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The web design domain is budding wherein few trends stay while the rest fades out. Let’s go through the trends which will take the industry by storm in 2021.

2020 has been the year where various technologies were introduced, innovative ideas, and user experience shone with all big browsers giving their support to the HTML 5 & CSS3. 2021 will be more visually complete and impactful. There will be more focus on usability rather than aesthetics. Also, designers will concentrate more on conversational UI designs which will engage the viewer and in turn lead to conversion.

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Here are the Top Web Trends Expected for 2021:

Mobile-First Approach

Statistics indicate that mobile phones are the primary devices used to browse the internet. And looking at this trend Google has released the Mobile-First Index algorithm to improve the search experience which uses mobile version to rank the websites. Consequently, brands are aligning processes to redesign their sites to offer their users a rich experience.  The redesigns are being made keeping in mind the minimal space provided on mobile screens. The announcement by Google also mandates brands to first develop the mobile version and then proceed to the desktop version. Earlier businesses were adjusting their desktop sites for mobile viewing.

Uncomplicated Elegant Designs

Designers are now resorting to simple designs yet elegant designs. They are avoiding intricate layouts, multiple screens, scrolling, and concentrating on easy designs with vibrant colors, more animations, and videos. With these concepts, viewers will experience immense visual retreat. Business websites can expect users to stay longer on their site. 2021 will see more stress on user-focused strategies.

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Focus on Content

The focus on content can magnify user experience and it can guide the users to take the desired action. Content when used effectively can lead to increased conversions and ROI. Therefore, businesses are embracing content layouts with supporting creative graphics which offer visual delight to the users. Brands are concentrating on Content & Influencer Marketing in order to obtain Brand stability which helps them to attain top ranks in SERP.

The content was, is, and will be the king as always. Hence, not focusing on it can keep your business away from the profits and fame it can achieve.

GIFs & other animations

A lot of websites and apps have been using animations for a while. What’s new is that GIFs are going popular. They have been an integral part of Facebook and Twitter; now GIFs can also be used for web designing. They work pretty well in drawing users’ attention. GIFs allow you to provide a better product UX, detail a workflow, or simply provide a guide to your users. GIFs can be funny, informative, and interesting animations which are like low-resolution video clips.

Bolder Brighter Color Schemes 

Color is like therapy to the human mind. The choice of colors is based on human psychology and web design theory. Color theory is more than a visual garnish to the user; it will have a game-changing effect on your brand image.

In 2021 the focus will be more on the use of bright hues and bold gradients. The designers will try out blending, deepening, or inserting bold colors against a darker background.

Neumorphic Design

This design has been gaining an incredible foothold since last year. And this year it promises to lead us into the puzzling age of minimalistic realism. Neomorphism is the successor of skeumorphism that had taken web designs by a storm in 2010. Skeumorphism was replaced by a flat design that simplified icons and colors. The flat design trend was less realistic but definitely more uniform and easily distinguishable.

Neumorphic design is a pleasant blend of both trends. The designs simulate physicality through selective drop shadows while being draped with semi-flat colors. The most common effect of neomorphism resembles digital embossing or debossing.

It also enables designers to regain the physical experience that got extinct with the flat design era. This improves the visitor’s connection to the design they are interacting with. You must expect to see this minimalistic realism splashed across buttons, search bars, and text boxes, and all across the digital designs of this year and beyond.

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Dark Mode

This has been a big trend in 2020, and it is set to become more popular in 2021. Here are few reasons why designers love adding a dark mode to their creations:

  • Dark mode looks super-chic. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Android are just a few brands that offer alternative themes on their platforms.
  • It focuses and enables other designs to retain their prominence.
  • Good for our eyes. It reduces eye strain in low lighting. All of us have been guilty of doing this – going through our phones after switching off the lights.
  • It is said to save device battery power.

Several platforms now allow users to choose when to switch to dark mode. In fact, Apple users can schedule the time to automatically change into dark mode.   

Final Words

Not all trends would fit into your website. Some will work for some businesses, some won’t. Pick and choose the best styles for your clients or websites. Adapting too many changes may create chaos and may decrease the UX of your website. Be selective, careful, and creative.

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